Watch 2010 commonwealth games on HDTV

Doordarshan (DD) has announced high definition (HD)) broadcast of the upcoming common wealth games in 2010 to be held in Delhi.

The Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry has requested for Cabinet's approval to grant the feeds to all the studios in four metro cities of India.

But High-Definition viewing can only be achieved if the user has a High-Definition enabled television or a set top box which would make High-Definition viewing feasible in regular televisions.

Doordarshan is yet to digitalize its 1400 analog transmitters which would make way for the High-Definition technology to be available. More than INR 430 Crores are being invested for the same.

This step by Doordarshan to bring High-Definition viewing is evident that India is not a snail in implementing new technological advancements.

All those commonwealth freaks can start setting up their High-Definition televisions or set top boxes to enjoy the virtual stadium.

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