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How to tackle english board examinations

In this article, I am going to tell you about how to plan your moves to tackle the English board examination…

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Advertisements – The CBSE way

Advertising is a type of communication whereby people promote or persuade customers to utilize their services. Classified and Display advertisements often find their place in CBSE board examinations….

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Tanishq Golden Harvest Scheme

This article is a full review on investment product launched by Tanishq (a product of TATA) under the brand name Tanishq Golden Harvest Scheme (GHS) for purchasing jewellery. I have also included the details on how to register in scheme online and offline

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Jodi Breakers Movie Review

Jodi Breakers is a movie is about divorced hunk cum Jodi Breaking specialist Madhavan (sid) and Bipasha Basu (Sonali) who is searching for her prince charming, they first pair together in a business of Breaking pairs (i.e. helping married couples getting divorce) what happens in the rest is in the detailed movie review

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The Growing App Technology of Google’s Android

Google’s Android Market doesn’t necessarily have the market cornered for droid apps anymore. If you are one of the masses who prefer Android technology over the iPhone… listen up! Here are just 5 alternatives to Google’s Android Market… and more are springing up every day

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Tips for Investing in Stock Market India

Are you encouraged by the income earned by the investors in the India stock market? Are you interested to be part of the Indian stock market game? If yes, you better decide to invest in Indian stick market now

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