A Wednesday Movie Review

Time has gone when movies were only made for the sake of entertainment. Interesting plots, thrilling screenplay and no hype cases are being appreciated by the audience now and then. A Wednesday comes the same way and strengthens the path of intelligent story telling.

A Wednesday is the story of a man (Naseeruddin Shah) who takes the entire system onto a roller coaster ride by his telephone calls. And all this with the help of his laptop and other electronic devices set on the terrace of a construction site. Prakash Rathor (Anupam Kher), the commissioner of police, Arif (Jimmy Shergill) and several other cops do their best with all the technological equipments to crack the location of this man to find the intention behind his threats but fail to do so. Finally, the cops are forced to release four terrorists, otherwise they will get another serial blasts in the city as warned by the man. What were this man’s intentions? Why did he tell the cops to release the terrorists? All these hidden facts are revealed in the movie.

Naseeruddin Shah is a gem and we all know about his potential. If this movie was made with anyone else than him, the movie wouldn’t be as effective as this. Anupam Kher did his role well. There is the much needed intensity and maturity in Jimmy Shergill’s role and he did complete justice to his role. Aamir Bashir and Deepal Shaw also did their respective roles perfectly.

Item number, family drama, fights and many other stereotypic ingredients are kept aside in this film and the film completely focuses on reality. No fake action stunts but yes there are aspects like the functioning of system which can be termed as exaggerated in few sequences.

The short and crisp narration of the movie makes this a very delightful watch. There are no dragging scenes and the suspense is maintained till the end credits roll, leaving all the viewers doing the guesswork. The director did try to make multiple suspense episodes which can question the professionalism of the film but at the end of the day, the movie makes an everlasting impact on the audience and leaves you spellbound by its character and its social message.

A Wednesday Movie Review

There are several films made on terrorism but this one is quite different from all these. All the earlier movies showed the working of the terrorist organizations but this one doesn’t concentrate on that but does on the part which we see daily in the electronic media.

Editing by Shree Narayan Singh is spectacular especially in the climax sequences. Jimmy Jib’s camera work was plain and simple. Making no unnecessary movements and concentrating on the characters make this an interesting watch. Sanjay Chaudhary’s background score is commendable.

To sum up, A Wednesday is a perfectly executed thriller by Neeraj Pandey comprising of a powerful set of actors. I can’t express my views on Naseeruddin Shah’s incredible performance. He deserves a round of applause for his simple and yet powerful work. This movie might not be the costliest movie ever made nor it has foot tapping music but it has the master key – plot. A must watch and guaranteed viewer satisfaction.

[rate 4]


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  • akandima

    After reading your review for this movie, I made it a point to watch this movie. In fact your narrative made it more interesting. I watched this movie recently and enjoyed it. It is definitely a very slick and well made movie in the recent times. All the characters in the movie shaped out very well and the screenplay made it interesting.