Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule Movie Review

In director Sri Raghava’s Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale verule which released in cinemas this week, Ganesh a loser and unemployed for ten years enter a software company after facing several hardships. Since he is not much educated he is a bit confused with the life style and their way of tackling things, However Keerthi(Trisha) who is his trainee and team manager enters his life which turns him as a lover boy who could do anything just by thinking of her. He works day and night just to avoid the boss scolding her for not doing the work right. After several tries with his friends he proposes her personally but she out-rightly rejects him because she is already engaged with her Bava. The rest is whom will she marry in the end and how will the whole thing happen.

The movie is a bit choppy in song sequences with uneccessary graphical elements stuffed in. The landscape graphics were completely artificial without giving the essence of the background. They should have been shot in a real location rather than virtual place. Kota Sreenivasa Rao as the father of Ganesh leaves his mark of excellence with his emotional and typical middle-classed men role who never depend for food or money on someone else but like to live on his own. Venkatesh being in the lead role has got many roles to do in a just a 3 hour movie. He has done his part of role well and his hard work shows up on the screen. Being on the screen for many years he has developed a unique style of delivering dialogues. However the movie lacks comedy, love and shows more of pain and agony which is definately one to be taken care of. The title of the movie has got very little to contribute to the plot. Selva Raghavan’s reality touch and emotional elements were excellent. Music by Yuvan shankar Raja are average and the background blending of the songs is worst. Trisha is glamourous and has delivered her best in the movie. K.Vishwanath’s role in the movie is one of the crucial elements and he has done a good job in doing his part with great ease. Colors Swathi’s role as Pooja has got a message to be delivered of the attraction at teenage and how all happen and it has been shown with great care to make it understandable for teenagers.

The story is all we have seen earlier but the way the movie unfolds itself is the thing to be noticed and that is what makes the difference. This is definately not one movie to be tagged as a entertainer but full of tragedy and less entertainment. Out of 3 hours you would run in to tears for around 2 hours and the rest is comedy and other stuff. Some disguisting scenes in the movie like the morning scene in the village should have been cut since they don’t deliver anything but create an disguisting enivironment around. Indulging a reputed actor like Venkatesh into such events is a minus point not only to him but for the movie’s tempo. The tempo of the movie is slow and steady.

Its a feel good movie and should be definately watched once for sure. Go with your family and feel those painful events in Ganesh’s life which finally turns sweet.

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