American Express Internet Fraud Protection India

In the month of August 2009, due to RBI guidelines VISA and Master Card, one of the major payment gateways of the world have introduced the new 3D secure method. In this the user had to enter another password in order to authenticate his/her online transaction. But out of these American Express was left out but now they too have some new measures to safeguard online transactions. This measure is entirely different than what others had implemented. Read on to find the details.

American Express® Internet Fraud Protection

Shop Securely online with your American Express Card In their ongoing commitment to help protect Cardmembers from internet fraud, American Express verifies identity of the Cardmember through several security features on the Card plus the billing address on file prior to authorizing internet transactions. Safeguarding your online transaction is easy: just shop online as you normally would, and then enter your correct Card information and billing address at checkout following these three easy steps.

Step One: Enter your name, 15-digit American Express Card account number, the expiration date, and the four (4) digit Card Security Code as they appear on the face of the card at checkout at a participating online merchant.

Step Two: Simply enter the billing address exactly as it appears on your monthly statements. In case you have reported address change to American Express between your monthly statements, enter the new address.

Step Three: That's it.. In seconds, American Express will authenticate the transaction and confirm that you are the individual making the purchase. Once your identity has been authenticated, your secure online transaction is approved.

As you can see that now the card member has to enter the whole billing address as it is mentioned in the statement including the space or commas. To me it is easy to remember another password rather than remembering the whole address with commas and spaces. I don't know how others see it, but would like to listen to their experiences also.

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