Angels & Demons Movie Review

Every statue says something. Look, that statue points there! The ‘Illuminati' must be located there. That's what is in store for you in Angels and Demons. Dan Brown again lays his foundation over the controversial lines of Christianity. Angels and Demons is about the fight between science and religion and to prove which one is better or the other way that they both are intermingled together but we seem to have forgotten the link between them.

Professor Langdon and Vittoria sets on a search to unveil the mystery behind the sudden demise of the pope and the unusual kidnap of the ‘Preferati' (those most eligible to be the next pope). They search street by street, church to church and tunnel to tunnel to find a clue to their next clue which will finally end up with a pattern which will help them locate the ‘Illuminati' who are the ones behind these unusual attacks.

Here is how my interest levels were at the different parts of the film
Angels and Demons Interest-O-Meter

The film starts off with a slow pace and progresses with few yawns and calls in the mid film. The post intermission takes a plunge and the narration takes a blazing route. The fare gets engrossing for few minutes but then we have that stereotypic dialogue “This statue points here, this must be the direction where we must head now”. But you may wonder why are they heading to the 'Illuminati'? Simply because 'Illuminati' stole the anti-particle (God Particle) from CERN and are deciding to destroy the Vatican City using it.

The film is full of architectural wonders, penetrating background score and dark and grungy cinematography but the flaw lies with the main plot and the screenplay. The screenplay looks loose and fails to engage you with the film.

Tom Hanks and Ayelet Zurer did their part well. There wasn't much flirting in the air as Tom Hanks had in his earlier outings. And those looking for a steamy scene between the two are in for a complete disappointment just like the way Tom Hanks felt for not being involved in such a scene.

On the whole, the film isn't as good as Da Vinci Code but is definitely a good watch after such a long period of strikes.

[rate 2.5]


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