Congratulations to Manoj, Swaroop and Purna for being an active part in the development of the website. At the end of the year we have selected the top donors and top commenter of the website to appreciate their share towards the website.

Manoj and Swaroop are selected as the top donors of the website, both donating an amount of 10$ each which stands as the highest amount donated so far. Purna has been selected as the top commenter. We are grateful to the support these guys showed us and we hope to see more of it in the future too!

As a token of appreciation we have decided to gift each of them a premium account. The donors will be getting a sendspace premium account and the commenter will get a Rapidshare premium account. We have sent a mail to them seeking their approval for this gift and we have received the confirmation from Purna and Swaroop who have already received their premium account details. We are still awaiting the confirmation from Manoj and as soon as he send us the confirmation we will be sending him, his account details with further instructions.

And to all those people who were actively involved with the website, you could be the next one!

Once again, congratulations guys and we hope you liked our gift.

– Sri (For Gyanguru Team)