Beginner’s guide to Linked Lists

Basic Structure

Let’s define the basic structure of our node. I will be using a class here; you can even use structures for this purpose.

class stud
	char name[20];
	int berth;
	void add(); //to add a node
	void insert(); //to insert a node
	void del(); //to delete a node
	void display();//to display all the linked nodes
	stud *next; //next part of your node
};*x,*l,*f,s; //objects of the class

Creating node(s)

Now let’s make the add function.

void stud::add()
	int n;
	cout<<"Enter the number of elements you would like to create";
	f=new stud; //Assigning the pointer some memeory.
	f->next=NULL; //safer side without any dangling pointer.
	for(int i=0;i<(n-1);i++) // n-1 as we have already created a node above.
		x=new stud;

Displaying the linked list

void stud :: display()
	l=f; // starting from the first node.
	while(l!=NULL) //traversing the l pointer till the end
		cout<<l->name<<l->berth; // dispaying name and berth no. of node
		l=l->next; // shifting l to the next node.

I have included comments in the program itself so that you can understand there and then.

Insert and Delete functions coming in a while. Till the time being, give the above functions a try and let me know if you have any problem with it.