Bheja Fry Trailer and Movie Stills

Sunil Doshi is back with his latest venture into bollywood namely “Bheja Fry”.Earlier he was associated with movie named “Mixed Doubles” which was a comedy flick. As Mixed double was also a comedy movie, Now he again took a new step ahead in the comedy scene with Bheja fry.The trailer shows that a person who is passsonate about singing enters into the world of high profile people and how they try to make fun of him or vice-versa . The movie has got adequate star cast yet without much publicity this movie is nowhere to be seen. This movie tends to vanish just like the movie “Gafla” without gathering much media attention but having a great direction and technical qualifications to be a hit!. The trailer has just started to be aired on the television hope this publicity picks great attention towards this movie. Lets wait and see the end results of this movie at the box office. Whether it will be a hit or walk down the theatre weeping.

The movie is about a arrogant, bored executive of a music company. He loves attending Talent dinners hosted by his friends where they invite and fool and make fun of him and enjoy. Vinay pathak plays as the fool in the movie. This movie has got a unique script and Sarika plays the role of the wife of Ranjeet Thadani(Rajat Kapoor) who doesn’t like him bringing fools home and she leaves hope after several quarreles. Vinay pathaks’s role however finally unite them and the story totally revolves around Vinay pathak and how does he go with the group of high-class people who brought him for the sake of their fun at others expenses. Will he go against them and make fool of them instead of himself or make himself a fool and be as it is.

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