Billa Music Review

Many weeks of extremely dull and lack lustre soundtracks in the market, came with a relief called Billa. Expectations were sky high as its a remake of tamil film Billa which itself was a remake of bollywood film Don.

Lately, I have been quite unhappy with the monotonous music provided by Mani Sharma and was left shocked when I got to know that the title track of Kantri was a total rip of a Columbian track. Sorry for getting off-track here but I had to introduce you to the heartthrob of young music – Mani Sharma. I finally comforted myself and fired up the playlist of Billa.

My Take

Hariloranga… – is a complete rap number. It’s quite bland and I didn’t find it much of an interest. This rather lowered my expectations from the soundtrack.

Ellora Silpanni – Typical Mani number with the beginning loop copied from his earlier work – Athidhi

Billa Theme Song – This had to be good both lyrically as well musically but this turns the other way and lyrics are little amusing here like trendy, stylish and other words which actually doesn’t look stylish (which is necessary for this film). Music is good in the background but lyrics ruined this track.

Bommali – Again a typical Mani Sharma item song, it wasn’t much impressive at the the first go but slowly grew on me.

Ney Patasu – Again a lot of resemblance to Rathraina… from Athidhi. Mediocre track.

My Name is Billa – This one actually amazed me and it totally suits the whole outlook of the film. The music and the vocals are just perfect.

Album art

Billa CD Cover

Playlist Reshuffle

The order in which I loved the tracks.

  1. My Name is Billa
  2. Bommali
  3. Ellora Silpani
  4. Billa Theme Song
  5. Ney Patasu
  6. Hariloranga Hari

After listening to this soundtrack, I felt that Mani Sharma is on the verge of losing his originality by repeating his own tunes. We constantly need something new and he has to work on it to rule the charts. Somewhere or the other, I feel Mickey J. Meyer would’ve been an interesting match for this film where young meets the stylish. I got this thought when I saw the way he handled a dark film like Hare Ram with the haunting music and a college romance like Happy Days.

I am still giving the tracks a several listens so that they grow on me and let’s see how things go on till the film releases. But one thing is assured, fans will go crazy with these tracks!

Price: Rs. 45/- (In Andhra Pradesh) & Rs. 48/- (In other states)
Label: Lahari Music

[rate 2.5]