BSLI Vision plan

On Saturday I got a call from one of the newly launched money management company based out of Delhi, firstly they said they will help me in investing my money at right place at the right time.

Before proceeding further they profiled me and asked me questions like what was my age, my monthly take home, my marital status, number of dependents and so on…

After taking note of my previous investments, the agent warned me not to invest the surplus money with a single company. I thought that he was quite right and the time has come where I would be offered a basket of investments to pick from. But the next moment all my expectations were shattered when the agent only tried to sell Birla Sun Life Insurance Vision Plan.

I don’t know why these companies call themselves as money managers when they are mere marketing agents of big brokerage houses, mutual funds or insurance companies. The true sense of wealth management is still accessible to the elite class in India.

But nevertheless I somehow find myself on the complaining side rather than being on the solution side in most of the cases.

After my telephonic conversation the agent sent me a mail regarding the benefits of the plan which I am stating below, please don’t take this as review or a marketing article for Birla sun life insurance plan. I thought its worth sharing.

Benefits of the Birla sun life insurance vision plan

  • Terrific performance record of Birla Sun life over the past 10 years – With their funds being among the top of their class, your investment is in excellent hands to give you the maximum growth possible.
  • Capital Guarantee – Protection from market fluctuations so that you can be rest assured that you can never lose your capital – unlike many other options today.
  • Plan Flexibilities – Among very few options that offer you immense flexibility, something that we may need given that the future can be unpredictable
  • Loan Facility – Option to take loan up to 90% of the surrender value of total amount deposited.
  • Band Structure – The higher the premium you pay, the more the benefits in terms of bonuses given by Birla Sun life.
  • Tax benefit under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) making the maturity amount completely tax free unlike a lot of options today.
  • Very low cost/expense ratio – making your investments grow even faster.
  • Lifelong Insurance cover – To ensure your family’s financial security even after your plan matures, your cover continues till age 100 without you having to pay anything after maturity.
  • Additional Accidental Cover – giving you the peace of mind of additional optional cover incase of the unfortunate incident of an accident
  • Surgicare Benefit – Additional option to cover surgical treatments that may arise in the future
  • Critical Illness Cover – In those times when any of the critical diseases are diagnosed, this option brings home a lump sum amount for your medical treatment.
  • Hospital Cash Benefit – Even if a tiny ailment or flu get you admitted for more than 48 hrs, this option gets you cash for every day that you are hospitalized.

Birla sun life insurance vision plan brochure

Birla sun life insurance vision plan product demo video

Birla sun life insurance vision plan website link

I also did a small part of research and found that this Birla Sun Life Insurance Plan has mainly received a good response but the parent company, Birla Sun Life does not have a solid repo compared to its competing insurance companies.

I would like to reiterate that this is neither a product selling article nor a product review article, I urge my fellow investor friends to do a detailed research before investing in a financial instrument and if anybody needs the contact number of the wealth management company, please do let me know I would share it with you.

  • Bisu

    so, what did you get by research about this policy? is it a good policy for me like fellow of as group 30+ ?
    Pls. share..