BRT Corridor trial run experience

I guess it was the summer of 2008 when I shared my experience of BRT (Bus rapid transit system Delhi), I know that I praised the project a lot and criticized the people who were not following the rules of BRT system.

Due to some technical problems in the layout of the project the court on 15 March 2012 has ordered the CSIR CRRI (central Road Research organization) to evaluate the performance of the corridor for the stretch starting from Ambedkar Nagar to Moolchand.

At the time of launch, I specially went to take a look and feel of the corridor, but in recent times travelling thru corridor is part of my daily life and to be honest I do every bit of my effort to avoid the BRT corridor because travelling thru it is a pain.

Thanks to CRRI as a part of their trail run they have made changes to lanes in order to better manage the traffic and as everyone expected once all the lanes were open of everyone there was a gradual decrease in the time taken to cover the corridor.

Initially it would take me 30 to 40 minutes to travel the whole stretch during peak hours, now I am spending 20 to 25 minutes for it. The changes in was able to notice are:-

  1. All the BRT lanes were opened to everyone, due to which a large chunk of corridor which was kept for plying of buses is now being efficiently used.
  2. The traffic police used to manipulate the timing of signals at major points like chirag dilli, seikh sarai and siri fort intersection are now being managed efficiently.
  3. They were successfully able to educate a large number of daily commuters about their respective new lanes by using sign boards on corridor and distributing the pamphlets to the commuters. Which I guess the BRT personnel were not able to do till date since the inception of the corridor.
  4. By placing temporary dividers in the corridors to prevent the misuse of lanes.
  5. Regular policing of the corridor.

Instructions sheet distributed during BRT trial run

The only thing I noticed which needs some attention is that at major intersection people who are taking right turns are present in both lanes due to which there is a slight confusion between the people who are taking right with people who would like to go straight.

Non regular commuters finds themselves in wrong lanes due to lack of knowledge, I would not blame the authorities rather the commuters should look at the various signage boards.

Last weekend I was commuting from my college to way back my home, I was having a small chat with Auto driver about the performance of the BRT during trial run.

“ Sir, ab bahut raahat hai, batao kitna paisa barbaad kar diya sarkaar ne in BRT pe”

Sir, it’s a sigh of relief, I don’t know how much money the Government has wasted for BRT.

Also I noticed that there is some make over in terms the small dividers of the corridors were being demolished and rebuilt and railings are also being re adjusted. Not sure why?

I agree that there is a sigh of relief on the commuter after these small modifications. Guess what would happen when there would be a complete makeover.

Few pictures of the BRT corridor

I feel this stretch can be made better by

  1. Scrapping the whole project and getting back to conventional road system, where bus stands are on either side of road instead in middle. (I know this way far impossible)
  2. With bus stands to side and small railing in between to divide two roads.
  3. Mixing the cycle lane with main road.
  4. Implementing effective mechanism to challan the people who park their cars on pedestrian track.
  5. An under pass at chirag dilli intersection.