Investing in Hyderabad Good or Bad?

We all know that Andhra Pradesh is in lime light due to Telangana issue which has caused serious damage to various industries which are presently operating in Andhra Pradesh especially near Hyderabad region.

Out of which real estate is one sector which took the maximum hit. People who believe that division of state is inevitable are now investing in cities like Ongole, Guntur, Vijayawada, Nellore and so many other cities which are in Andhra region.

Last week, I was reading an article about effect of Telengana issue on Hyderabad real estate. It also states that high net worth people are looking for investment outside Hyderabad. We all know when the real estate was at boom the prices of the properties were touching skies. At that point of time Hyderabad was becoming out of reach to common man.

Now, what I think is that if we can wait for a while and let the prices cool further people like us can think about investing in properties of Hyderabad. The reason why I am thinking so are as follows:-

  • Hyderabad holds an “A1” city status in the country the competition in this category is Vijayawada of Krishna District and Vizag in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh they both hold an “A” city status.
  • Various MNC’s have setup their R&D and outsourcing centers in Hyderabad. Moving those centers is quite impossible for the companies as the cost of movement will be much more on the higher side.
  • One of the big names in real estate like DLF, MGF and LANCO have projects in here and there are few more in the pipeline because there is a market for residential and private properties which on the other hand is missing in other cities due to their cultures.
  • The cost of living is low as compared with Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.
  • Government has its offices and organizational setup situated in here. Moving such setup to other location may cause millions of Rupees.
  • One of the most ultra modern international airport is in Hyderabad.
  • Last but not least many people who hail from different region has invested heavily in this region which makes it one of hotspot for investment.

There are more chances that Telengana region will be separated from Andhra Pradesh at the same time there are also chances that Andhra and Telengana will have a common capital or even if Hyderabad goes to Telengana region, the city has its own history and legacy to cherish with. At present price correction is going on and may take some time for market to bottom out and rediscovery of price. Till that time individual investors like us have to wait and watch patiently.

  • Shanawaz

    u r right but now every thing is dependent on by-polls after this the hyderabad industry obviously surprises the people who believe in gambling my invest in this period but. still who really know value of hyderabad know that what to do what on to. but the reports say some thing else as seen hyderabad has witnessed approval of many small construction activities before elections & the work of govt. constructions has also grown. so it's just a guess 4 now that the results will be +ve 4 growth

  • Not that bad to invest but I'd rather choose Kerala for my sure shot in investment.

    • Mouli, can you please let us know the prospects of kerala so that our fellow friends can also gain something out of it