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Good jobs, good planning and your Living Will.

You’ve been putting this off for sometime now, but you’ll do it right this time and include a healthcare directive—it’s often referred to as a living will (LW)

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Go Nuts

Nuts Protect against heart disease, control Diabetes and weight loss, but only if can have them raw and dry

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Ban Smoking at Workplaces – Govt

Many of us first experimented with the guilty pleasure of smoking during our college years. As we grew older, some of us carried this vice into our workplaces as well. Today, there is scarcely a single office building in India that doesn’t have nooks and stairways used by smokers for chit-chatting or relaxing. However, with […]

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Stretch it out

Due to stress and sedentary lifestyles, our bodies have begun to age prematurely. Here’s how to stay young longer by Exercise three times a week and make strength training or Yoga part of your fitness regime.

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MIND BODY SOUL – The fitness frauds

WHEN IT comes to losing weight, most of us will fall for practically anything that we think will make the process effortless. At least, that’s the only conclusion we can draw when we learn about the $33 billion dollar weight loss industry in the US where companies come up with products and devices that, ‘magically’ […]

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Experts use weather to predict disease

London: Doctors hoping to predict disease outbreaks may want to tune into more weather forecasts. Weather patterns can often be a key factor in finding out when an epidemic is imminent because they determine the conditions for germs and their carriers to breed. The techniques can help quicken the response to viral outbreaks worldwide and […]

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