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Row major and Column Major Address calculations

In this turorial, we’ll learn to calculate the address of a particular element in a multi-dimensional array for row major and column major ordering…

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Checking a palindrome number in C/C++

Palindrome is a word or number which when reversed is the same as the original word or number. Let’s take the example of 121 or BOB, they both

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Beginner’s guide to Linked Lists

Linked list is a type of data structure which has two parts – Data part, Next part. The combination of both data part and next part is called a node. The data part stores the data and the next part stores the reference (or the address) to the next node…

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An interesting C++ program using loops

In this program, we will code a C++ program which will display a number the number of times the number. Like I type in a number 5 and I will see the number…

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Selection Sort

Selection sort is one of the basic programs in C++ to sort an array. This comes in handy in sorting elements in a small program because of its ease of implementation and lack of risk factor. Selection sort isn’t much seen in the normal scenario but it is used for academic purposes and is a […]

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Insertion using functions in C++

The program inserts a number given by the user into an integer array where the location is also given by the user. Insertion is carried out by a separate function…

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