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Default Search Engine change on Chrome

Till last few days everything was working fine but recently I faced problem where my default search engine settings were altered every time I restart my google chrome.

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Three Factors that Make Your PC Cook

Gaming technology is on fire: computers run faster and hotter; graphic cards bring results that almost reach out to pull you into the monitor.

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The all new iPad launching on 27 April in India

Wooo Hooo…. I am pretty much exited, the device for which I was eagerly looking forward is finally launching in India on 27 April 2012. Yes, yes I am speaking about the Ipad 3 or some call it as the all new ipad.

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The technology in industry-specific softwares

Going industry specific often means you don’t have to worry about functions that don’t apply to your business, and therefore you’ll never use.

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Track Train location on Train Enquiry

Centre for railway information systems (CRIS) who are now developing a new 2.0 look of their train enquiry website which is more user friendly and looks refreshing

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Qwiki interactive resume creator

Traditional resume just won’t do for some people in this digital age and for those Qwiki is offering a new way of creating a video resume

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