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Google Unveils Nexus One

Google has finally entered in the battle field of smart phones market competing with brands like Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericson and others. Google along with HTC has developed its own smart phone named Nexus One .

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How to Solve Visual Search ‘Page Doesn’t Exist’ error

The latest Visual Search from Bing doesn’t seem to work with many regions which includes India. It displays a not found error. To fix this error…

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How to create multi-page scans using HP Solution Center

Getting a multi-page file using your HP flatbed scanner can be quite tricky as there isn’t much documentation available around. Though the solution is simple, I wonder why its documentation is hard to find and on the other hand, tutorials on multi-page scans using copier are in abundance everywhere…

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Nokia N900 officially announced

Nokia has announced its new internet tablet PC Nokia N 900 which will have the version 5 of Linux based operating system named Maemo. The Nokia N 900 will go for sale by the end of 2009 and it would cost around…

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Nokia N97 Firmware Upgrade (12.0.024)

Nokia has released another version upgrade for its flagship mobile hand set (Nokia N 97). In this new version (12.0.024) they have included /changed /upgraded the following:

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How to configure Dell Bluetooth keyboard hotkey settings

I have been through a lot of hardship in configuring my multimedia hot key settings and I didn’t want you to go through all these. So, here are few simple steps to configure your keyboard and mouse settings…

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