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Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Vidhi Vidhanam

Sharing you the procedures of performing Ganesh pooja on Ganesh chaturthi. To begin with no matter how you perform the Pooja, if you are doing it whole heartedly the blessings of lord ganesha would always be there.

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Twitter Many Uses

The wildly popular micro blogging service Twitter, in which users from all walks of life and all over the globe share 140-character-long snippets of their lives, from everyday jokes to superstar celebrities, teens using feature phones and mega corporations employing entire divisions of “Social Media Managers.”

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American Express Internet Fraud Protection India

In the month of August 2009 due to RBI guidelines VISA and Master Card one of the major payment gateways of the world have introduced the new 3D secure method In this the user had to enter another password in order to authenticate his her online transaction But out of these American Express was left […]

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New Kingfisher Frequent Flyer Programme

Kingfisher Airlines has come up with one of its kind loyalty programme its set to enrich the customer experience giving them the features which no carrier in India has ever thought of

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YSR – We’ll miss you!

Y.S.R will be with us forever!

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Preventive measures for swine flu (H1N1)

Its almost a week now. Many media channels are flashing news about swine flu outbreak in India. And many institutions and business establishments are taking extra precautions to prevent their students or employees from H1N1 virus. As a responsible community we should be aware of what H1N1 (Swine flu) is, and should educate others about […]

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