CBSE Question Papers 2012

It’s been a nostalgic moment for me to upload these Class 12 (XII) CBSE question papers, 2012. Back in my school days, I always tried to stock as many CBSE question papers as possible and would try to solve them on my own or with the help of my tuition faculties well before time. All the boys know why … :)

But neverthlesss CBSE question papers always help us on how questions of various topics are phrased, this is especially helpful for those who would be appearing for CBSE board examination 2013 or in future CBSE board examinations.

CBSE Senior Secondary Examination 2012 Question papers (CBSE Board Examination 2012)

MathematicsSet 1 | Set 2
ChemistrySet 1 | Set 2
PhysicsSet 1 | Set 2
Computer ScienceSet 1
EconomicsSet 3
EnglishSet 2 | Set 3


Download all papers in one link Click Here


I know these papers are only for 12th Class science stream students, if you would like to share your question papers with your juniors here, please do let us know by commenting below, we will arrange a free pickup of question papers from your home and send it back to you or easier way, you could upload a scanned copy and send it to us. We’ll make sure that reaches your juniors :)

  • Devesh Bhandari

    authorities plz do a favour by uploading PSA sample papers .