Chintakayala Ravi Movie Review

Chintakayala Ravi Movie Review

Chintakayala Ravi – Software engineer, the title sounds so good that you go expecting a very good treat for the entire family. And having Venkatesh in the lead role, we can always expect something really hilarious and yet full of family drama. A rocking soundtrack already kicking our inner souls to rush to the nearest theatres and those promising trailers in the television channels make you go wild. But does this movie have the potential to be awaited so much? Read on to find out.

Chintakayala Ravi hails from a small village Chinnamusulivaada in Visakha district. His mother Seshumamba (Lakshmi) shares a very special relation with his son as he never fails to obey her orders. And she is proud of her son being a software engineer working in the United States and the only one in the entire village to know computers. But there’s something which she doesn’t know about her son and that is his job at the bar called Cyber Wave. Chintakayala Ravi doesn’t work with any software firm there but is only lying to his mother about his job.

Chintayakayala Ravi’s mother finds him a right match in the village. Lavanya, played by Mamtha Mohandas comes from a respectable family in the village and is the match selected for him. Lavanya has a friend in U. S. Sunitha (Anushka) who gets on the job to find the conduct of Chintakayala Ravi. The rest follows with what happened between the three characters.

Venkatesh gave his usual performance with tons of comic sequences and emotional scenes. Mamtha Mohandas did a good job as the innocent village girl. Anushka was good as the U. S. girl. Other artists also did their part neatly.

Director, Yogesh did a very mediocre job in handling such a nice script. He maintained a steady tempo in the first half and the movie actually became quite gripping as it progressed till the first half but he totally wasted the entire second half. You can actually see many influences from several movies, right from hum tum to kabhi alvida na kehna and to the recently released Singh is Kinng, the director cropped up all the good scenes to patch the film up. But at the end we are left confused with so many threads all ready running. The script was quite simple yet extraordinary and if handled well, Chintakayala Ravi would’ve been one of the best films in Venkatesh’s career.

And coming to cinematography, it was neat and picturization of several songs was really good. Sets were good too. Background score by Mani Sharma requires mention here. He did a splendid job in making the background score but loses points by ripping off ‘Jag Soona Soona laage’ tune from Om Shanti Om. The usage of the tune makes the scene haunting rather than what they should deliver (only if you have seen Om Shanti Om).

Music by Vishal-Sekhar duo is good and easy on ears. Indeed a commendable entry to the tollywood industry by the duo. But it would’ve been good if they stopped Mani Sharma from ripping off their song to use it in the background score.

On the whole, Chintakayala ravi is not a very good nor a very bad film and it’s the clear case of careless handling of a nice script. It lies between these two terms and can be strictly termed mediocre. You will enjoy it if you haven’t seen many hindi movies or atlease Hum Tum, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and Singh is Kinng. There are many good emotional as well as comic scenes which will surely make you day.

[rate 2.5]


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