Chirutha Movie Revie

Cast: Ram Charan Teja, Neha Sharma, Prakash Raj, Dharmavarapu Subramaniam, M. S. Narayana, Brahmanandam, Surya, Venu Madhav, Babloo, Srinivas Reddy, Tanikela Bharani, Aashish Vidhyarthi, Shiyaji Shinde & more…
Director: Puri Jagannadh
Aswini Dutt (Vyjayanthi Movies)
Music Director (Including BGM):
Mani Sharma
Editor: Varma
Story & Screenplay: Puri Jagannadh
Ready to roar
Theatrical release date:
28 th September, 2007

Chirutha, in the direction of Puri Jagannadh starring debutant Ram Charan Teja has opened up huge with effective publicity and the fact that the hero is the son of Megastar Chiranjeevi. The movie starts with a flash back of Ram Charan Teja’s childhood where Mattubhai (Aashish Vidhyarthi) kills his father Surya and attacks his mother. To earn money for the treatment of his mother, He takes up a crime on his shoulders commited by a rich man’s son and spends 12 years in prison.

Once he is released he goes in search of his mother but is shocked to hear the news that she is dead. Helpless Charan lands up in Bangkok as a tourist guide. The rest of the story is how he takes revenge against the ones who killed his father and the truth behind the death of his mother.

Now coming to the technical aspect of the movie, Puri Jagannadh’s direction is lose and less gripping as it used to be in his earlier films such as Idiot, Pokiri, etc. Puri Jagannadh has changed his style for this movie and that doesn’t help the weak plot. First half of the movie is youthful and entertaining. Second half is dragging at places.

Dances & fights are well handled by this newcomer and the way he danced never looked like this was his debut movie. He looked more mature and dynamic. Ram Charan needs to practice more on his dialogue delivery as they looked artificial at some places. On the whole he has a great future ahead and he did a commendable job. Neha Sharma was completely expressionless.

Aashish Vidhyarthi, Prakash Raj & Shiyaji Shinde – the acting gems were wasted and were not given enough room and presence over the screen. The love angle between Sanjana (Neha Sharma) and Charan (Ram Charan Teja) is strictly Ok. The island episode could have been chopped up to half as it was not helping the plot much.

Stunts by Vijayan, choreography were the plus points of the film. Raju Sundaram, Lawrence and other choreographers did a splendid job. Censor cuts were not blended well with the movie resulting in many silent bits.Dialogues were are average and were not as appealing as it were earlier with films like Pokiri.

The comic track is average with Ali playing the role of Nachimi who changed her gender. Dharmavarapu Subramaniam, Venu Madhav & Brahmanandam were not utilized well.

Background score by Mani Sharma is a feast to ears and well picturized songs boost the audiences. Chamka Chamka song was a nightmare with extremely high pitched voice of Geetha Madhuri. You hear it in the normal speakers, you won’t find much of a problem but in theatres this song’s female vocal is definitely irritating. Camera work by Syam K. Naidu is excellent and the climax scene was a treat to fans with Charan’s khaidi get-up.

Some noteworthy scenes :

  • The Jail fight
  • Prakash Raj’s dialogue about bringing a dog rather than a daughter.
  • The hunt of Mattu bhai in the climax

Now coming to the commercial value of the film. This film is surely going to fill the pockets of the distributors and the producers but in the coming days fall in sales can be expected. Not a long run film but a treat to all the fans as Charan has proved himself as a successful successor. Wishing Charan all the success in his coming endeavours.

This movie is overall an average movie with a gem in the making – Charan but a professional losing his dynamism – Puri Jagan.

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