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Live Chat with Enrique Iglesias

Movie Guru : Hello, hello.Where are you at this very moment?
Enrique Iglesias : I’m travelling for the next six months, I’11be all over the world. Right now, I’m in Europe.

Movie Guru :So, why Insomniac?
Enrique Iglesias : Because I worked on the album at night and slept during the day There are three Spanish versions of the English language tracks including Dimelo. The CD drove me nuts, I’d beat myself up. I had to get a mix of bubbly pop, ballads, hip hop, rap, the works. I wanted Insomniac to have the freshness of my first album. I’d started writing songs when I was 15. I’ve had a nine-year career and seven albums so far That means an album practically every year I guess I wanted to feel born- again.

Movie Guru :You have dedicated a song to your girlfriend Anna Kournikova. Haven’t you?
Enrique Iglesias : I hate saying that. I never write my songs specially for someone. I know it sounds stupid but I’m superstitious about this. Like I would be asked about the song Quizas, "Did you write that song for your dad?" I’d turn around and say, "No." So, if you think there’s a dedication, that’s fine by me. I never take names.

Movie Guru :Are you aware of Bombay film music?
Enrique Iglesias : Of course I am. It’s so vibrant, varied and colourful. It makes for great listening. I don’t remember the names of albums and singers but once in a while when I listen to your movie songs, I find them very relaxing. I also follow Indi pop but your film songs are more entertaining.

Movie Guru :It’s said that you’ve been receiving several offers to act in Hollywood movies and TV shows.Are you doing any?
Enrique Iglesias : I have been offered a lot of movies lately but I don’t think I can do justice to acting right now. I don’t know if I would do a good job.

Movie Guru :Have you ever had personal or professional differences with your father?
Enrique Iglesias : Never! there’s never been any need to. I’ve always idolised him. I have discussed my songs with my father Most would find that strange. They’d think we don’t get along. We do, we honestly do. I’ll tell you something ftmny. When I was a kid, I would go with him to the studio for the song recordings and he would let me listen to the music. Now, when I go into the studio, he stops the music. I wonder if he stops it because he thinks I may criticise him.

Movie Guru :Some more memories you’d like to share?
Enrique Iglesias : I was maybe just seven. My mom sent me to the school camp. We were on a plane full of kids, going from Spain to Camp Kiwanis in Maine. I was in the cabin for the youngest kids. Our counsellor must have been 17 years old. And I remember him smoking weed and listening to the Police during the flight.

Movie Guru :What is your idea of good music?
Enrique Iglesias : Something that touches you.

Movie Guru :Since many of your songs are about love lost and longing, I’d like to ask you if you’re a melancholic guy?
Enrique Iglesias : Listen to Bruce Springsteen. So many of his hits are love songs. Obviously not Born in the USA, but other songs. Listen to the Police, them too.

Movie Guru :What is the one thing that everyone connects with?
Enrique Iglesias : Love. And if you look up the 30 greatest songs of all time, 90 per cent of them will be about love. So, I’m not melancholic. I just believe in the power of love.

Movie Guru :What do you think about your sex appeal?
Enrique Iglesias : I think my sex appeal is in my lips and brown eyes and the way I hug and kiss people, my warmth I share. Women find me sexy for that. I don’t know about the men. You can ask some for sure.

Movie Guru :Do you find any Indian woman hot?
Enrique Iglesias : Oh! I find all Indian women hot. They’re so beautiful and sensuous.

Movie Guru :Why you are nicknamed ‘Tripod’?
Enrique Iglesias : Well, I was nicknamed “Tripod” at school because I seemed to have three legs and was always up and about with the girls. The name has stuck. My close friends still call me that.

Movie Guru :Are you planning a trip to India?
Enrique Iglesias : Yes. We’re going to start a tour in August. I don’t know when I will be in India exactly but I’ll be there for sure. My last visit, some three years ago, was amazing. I went to Bangalore and Mumbai. The audiences were fantastic. They sang every single song with me, everyone seemed to love me.

Movie Guru : Are you still seeing Anna Kournikova?Are you in touch with her?
Enrique Iglesias : Rumours about our break-up have sent gossip columnists into a frenzy We have denied the split. We have been together for five years. Talk of our break-up started when I’d just joked around that we had split. We’re still together It’s the first serious relationship of my life, it’s precious. I love Anna there can never be a question about a break-up.

  • Dina

    Hola enrique te doy las gracias por escribir
    y cantar una musica bella.
    tu me hicistes bolber a amar la musica romantica otra vez mil gracias.por favor me contestas.te deseo los mejores de los exitos
    en todo el mundo entero te lo mereces por que
    eres uno de los mejores artistas te felicito
    por tu gran talento.y se te nota que si amas
    lo que haces.
    con mucho carino

    –English traslation (Some parts may not be accurate)

    Hello Enrique I thank to you to write and to sing a beautiful music. your me hicistes to return to love romantic music thousand thanks please me contestas.te desire the best ones of the successes anywhere in the world whole you deserve it again to you so that you are one of the best artists I congratulate to you by your great talento.y one notices to you that if mistresses what beams. by far affection

  • siddharth choudhury

    hello enrique. you are a talented singer. your songs touch my heart. hope you win this year. i request if you some day come to country (india)-state(orissa)city-(bhubaneswar). we all indians will be excited to greet you.
    all the best for the awards.
    Siddharth Choudhury

  • siddhu11j

    hello enrique when is your next album comming? when are you comming to india? if your visiting india please come to orissa state, city bhubaneswar for a concert.

  • myra

    hola enrique eres mi mejor cantante y saves desde nina e querido conocerte y no e podido pero yo se que algun dia te conocere enrique iglesias eres mi favorito y quisiera tenerte de amigo myspace I love enrique iglesias de xiomara enrique espero que algun dia leas este mensage y tedes cuenta que una nina loca quiere conocer a enrique iglesias te quiero amigo eres el mejor

    Translation by Google:
    Hi Emily are my best singer and saves from nina and wanted to meet you and and could not but I know that some day you will know Enrique Iglesias are my favorite and I would like to have you on myspace friend is I love Enrique Iglesias of hope Xiomara enrique that some day you read this message and tedes mind that a crazy girl wants to meet Enrique Iglesias love you’re the best friend

  • gaurav

    i l0ove enrique very verymuch much

  • gabby

    hi!!!!!!!!!! enrique you are the best singer ever i hope you do another movie because the one you did “once upon of time in Mexico” was the best movie ever you should do another movie and i saw youin the show “man and a half” i hope i go to another of your concers please write back love gabriela you can write in spanish if you want.

    p.s. i love you
    remenber you are the best singer ever

  • bishalthapa

    Hey enrique i love u very much yuo are ny real hero . u are hand sone i love u very much u can find me in facebook as bisal timalsina there is yours photo

  • bishalthapa

    Hey enrique i love u very much yuo are ny real hero . u are hand sone i love u very much u can find me in facebook as bisal timalsina there is yours photo

  • saumya

    U r one of d most desirable truth of my life.. i Feel u.. u R my Hero.. d only guy i can die for.. d biggest dream evr.. is to kiss U on D stage.. .. jst d way U do.. sensual .. and passionately……love ur lips nd ur eyes..evn ur eyelashes.. n d way u do everythng ;) U enrique <3