CORPORATE MANTRAS – Trust and be trusted

P.P. Subramanian, Managing Director, Hitachi Data Systems, elucidates the fine points of building teams and trust

1. Recognise contributions: While making a plan is important, it is even more important to make the team accept it. Plans are successful when they are successfully executed, but make sure that the credit for the accomplishment is shared with every team member who contributed to reach the target.

2. Earn people’s trust: It is easy to build trust but difficult to retain it. Hence, be careful before making commitments and, at the same time, ensure that you have achieved all the goals that you planned. In this way, not only will your feats keep increasing but the team’s trust will not dwindle at any point of time.

3 . Be sincere:

Success is not possible without your team and an effective team is not possible without continued sincerity. Be sincere with each of your associates — partners, peers, boss, subordinates and customers.

4. Make learning a twoway process: Select skilled people and help them hone their talent. This could be a continued, two-way process in which your team learns the intricacies of the profession from you and you also have an opportunity to pick up a few tricks of the trade from them.

5. Act as a leader: Sincerity cannot be pretended, trust enforced, respect conditional, achievements faked and aim vague. Success is inevitable only if you think, plan, act and lead.
So, be a leader throughout.