Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) – 2013

It was the latest release of corruption perceptions index (CPI) by transparency international showing up as one of the trending topics for past two three days. These type of reports always helps in doing peer to peer comparison between the nations. As an Indian there are always few questions which come to my mind while browsing thru the statistics of the report. I have tried to jot down few questions along with their answers.

If you come up with more questions or debatable topics do post a comment below this post will try to hold a healthy discussion.

Where do India Rank?

India Ranks at 94

Total number of countries perceived?

177 Countries

Who is the cleanest?

Denmark and New Zealand

Who is the most corrupt?

Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan

Which are the most corrupted continents?

Africa, Middle East and North Africa

Which are the cleanest continents?

European Union and Western Europe

What was the score for India last year?

Same, 36

Where can I get more information?

On Transparency international official website (

What can I do to reduce corruption?

Don’t give bribes, enlighten others.

How can I share it on social media?

I was wondering after pulling a multi-billion dollar scams we are at 94, think what will happen if we stand at a rank of 177 then nature of our scams will be multi-trillions. At least we are doing fairly well as compared to Middle East and  Africa and seeing various steps and agitations against corruptions we will definitely rank better than previous.

Interactive Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI)

Corrupt Index