DEBATE- Getting too close for comfort

To play it safe at the workplace, maintain a healthy distance between you and your superior, say our three industry experts
ADITYA KOHLI, Head Resourcing Rewards & Talent Management Scope International “ There has been a paradigm shift in workplace relations. As employees spend longer at the office, it is natural for them to grow close to their colleagues and boss. The key issue is “how close is too close, especially to your boss?” To be able to define the acceptable level of close ness, we need to understand that a boss-subordinate rela tionship is a professional one and any kind of proximity to the boss should not hamper it.

Maintaining a distance from the boss must not go against the organisational culture, which encourages an open atmosphere for communication. From my experience, a close bond with “ your boss not only enables you to deliver your best but also helps you play a crucial role as his trusted advisor. Sharing a healthy relation certainly proves to be invaluable in the long run SUSAN RAJ Head – HR Dynamic Vertical Solutions “ Your job is a relationship and it involves having a good rapport with your boss. For a low-stress, high-rewarding work life that you are in control of, develop a sound relationship with your boss. To do this, strategise a trusting relation ship with your senior.

Complement your boss’s prefer ences and planning skills to antic ipate and readily support him/her. Your association should be limited to being able to communicate, plan, organise, negotiate and par ticipate in decision making and being able to back your boss’s goals. One can win trust by proac tively managing tasks that have an impact on the productivity of the chief and further the organi “ sation as a whole, too. Also, if you can transform yourself from a powerless to a powerful team player, a desired closeness can be achieved, which may be quite fruitful professionally GAGAN CHADHA Chief Operating Officer ValueFirst “ A boss is typically someone who is not considered to be close to you.

He/she is your mentor at the workplace. To succeed, you must maintain a fine balance between distance and closeness which can at times prove to be tricky. In my view, you should keep yourself aligned to your work rather than focussing on how to impress your boss. Do not strive to please your superior but maintain a healthy equation. Your work should speak volumes about you, thus providing you with an opportunity to pave the way for your success and therefore also your boss’s alignment with the company’s goals. A good boss always likes to give his reports a patient hearing, to make “ them comfortable in office and motivate them for new assign ments and challenges. However, these parameters should not be mistaken as indicators that your boss is “too” close to you! As told to Garima Pant