Deep inside personal interviews

It's exam time for post graduates who are willing to join the big leagues. And I was one such student who was to appear for a personal interview to join one of the premier institutes of India . This is how the day begun

Normally my day starts at 10:00 am in the morning but on the day of interview, it started before sun was in the skies and I started searching net and newspapers for the latest happenings around the globe. My interview was scheduled at 10:30 am . But being extra cautious, I started from my home at 09:00 am and reached the centre at 09:30am . I was dressed in formals with polished shoes along with my Bio Data (resume) and without tie.

I was the first one who reached the centre initially and for about fifteen minutes, there was not even a single person. But as soon as the other candidates started impending, the nervousness within me was on its peak. Everyone was professionally attired and most of them had a work experience of at least 5 years.

There comes the senior professor of the institute. He welcomed us with an introductory speech and explained what he was expecting from us (as a next generation managers) and what institute will provide us to grow as a real professional and excel in our respective field.

Once the speech was over there was a person standing on left hand side of the podium and he started calling the names of the wannabe managers and my turn was momentary.

Then we were segregated in groups and were taken to different interviewers. While we were waiting in a lobby out side the interview room. I was accompanied by other mates who were there for the interview. We somehow managed to initiate small talks within us and it resulted as an Ice breaker. We all shared our experiences and other things related to professional life.

Finally, I was to face the real thing the “personal Interview” and as soon I entered the room, I could see two highly experienced professors (That's how they appeared) with a huge pileup of papers along with them. They must be our forms and resumes.

They welcomed me and told me to sit. They took a while to start. Before starting, they studied my form as well as resume having a sip of hot tea. I knew it was difficult for the interviewers too to manage the interview process.

They stared the interview and the questions were as follows:-

Where are you working now?

  • My answer XYZ Corporation situated in XYZ location.

Is it owned by the parent company or a BPO Unit?

  • It is a Captive Unit fully owned by parent organization

What made you to shift to this organization from previous one?

  • Sir, I'm in my early 20's and I have a priority of increasing my domain knowledge rather than looking for verticals in the previous organization.

How this course will help you?

  • I explained them that what all the prospects of this course are in current scenario.

Will it help you in your present organization?

  • Yes sir, Management has a huge scope and it can be applied anywhere irrespective of the location or the organization.

Lets talks about the financial sectors

What do understand by the capital market?

  • With a pause, Capital market is the market for securities. It comprises of two things one Primary and two secondary markets.

What is the difference between the primary and the secondary market?

  • Primary market where in a company goes to public and makes its initial offering. Secondary market in the market where in we can trade company securities once it is available in market

Who regulates country's stock exchanges?

  • SEBI regulates the country's stock exchanges.

What is the full form of SEBI?

  • The full form is Securities Exchange Board of India.

What is its function?

  • It regulates and checks any kind of malpractices in market and protects the investors.

What is difference between the mutual fund and a stock?

  • Mutual funds are managed by the fund houses where as the company stock is specific to one particular company.

What is NAV?

  • NAV is the value declared by the fund managers depending upon their performance at various indices that they have invested upon.

What is the full form of NAV?

  • Net Asset Value.

What is the reason for the downfall in the current stock market?

  • There are two main reasons that can be categorized as external and internal.
  • In external, the one big cause is US slow down and global economy as a whole.
  • In internal, one is the double digit inflating figures, the other is the weekly industry numbers and the latest political situations in the country.

Ok, thank you.

After leaving the room as a typical person with Indian brain I shared all my questions with my fellow mates and left the place. One thing I forgot was to enquire about the declaration of results. These questions occupied my mind and with no secondary thought I called up the program coordinator. He was such a nice person before giving me any further details he first confirmed with me that whether I have completed my personal interview. Then he asked how the interview was and then he explained the process and said the results will be declared at the end of the month.

And as usual, I've my fingers crossed for the results and awaiting a favourable result.

Please note the above mentioned answers are not to be taken as a standard questionnaire. These answers are personally given by me and I cannot guarantee their accuracy in terms of the interviewer's expectations from a candidate.

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