Default Search Engine change on Chrome

No doubt, Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers on net and I am big fan of this browser. Till last few days everything was working fine but recently I faced problem where my default search engine settings were altered every time I restart my browser.

I was bit clueless about what was the reason for such changes. I thought may be it is due to a Trojan or a virus that is infecting my system and after spending a good amount of time in research and development, I was able to find the solution to the problem.

There are three major reasons for such kind of problem.

  1. You have a third party program downloaded which came with yahoo toolbar bundled with it.
  2. Trojan or virus is affecting your system.
  3. Problem caused by internal chrome extension.

Let take them one by one, well the first case happened to be the root cause in my system. I use MacAfee antivirus software which came along with yahoo toolbar. I dint pay attention while downloading and installing the antivirus package.

Solution: Go to control panel > Programs and Features > uninstall or change a program and look for yahoo Toolbar and uninstall it.

Yahoo Toolbar

MacAfee site advisor is another program which overrides your browser settings and make yahoo as your default browser.

Solution: Click on MacAfee site advisor button in chrome > options > secure search and change your options.

MacAfee site advisor


If the above mentioned two steps are not working in case you have MacAfee installed. Then do the following.

  • From right hand side options menu go to settings
  • Click on manage search engines under search option
  • Double click MacAfee and replace yahoo URL with


Chrome Settings

Chrome default search settings

If MacAfee is not your problem, then disable all third party extensions and check by re enabling them one by one and if you have YouTube downloader installed then uninstall it.

One of the reasons can be due to the Trojan or virus in system. In this case go to task manager look for program called searchsettings.exe and disable it. Second step would be to locate the source file and delete it. For this do search for folder named “Spigot” and delete the folder.It is recommended you do a complete scan of your system so that antivirus can take care of such kind of issues.

The reason for this malware installations are due to excessive

  • Browsing of untrusted websites like adult website, illegal software download website
  • Software cracks or key generators installations on system
  • Downloading of untrusted software’s or browser extensions.

Do share with me in case you are still facing this issue, I will try to look into the problem and will give my recommendations to solve your problem.