‘Deshdrohi’ to be shown to Mumbai Police

“…Kisine yeh nahin kaha ki hum paschim bhartiya ya phir uttar bhartiya” that was the line the protagonists speaks in one of the trailers being aired on the television. That clearly indicates that this movie has something to deal with the recent Maharashtrians v/s North Indians battle.

Taking this into consideration, the Mumbai Police has issued a letter to the local distributor of the film to arrange a special screening of the film before the actual release of the movie i.e., November 14.

Deshdrohi has already been in the news earlier when the Censor Board asked the producers to delete some questionable matter which was out rightly rejected by the makers of the film which later was taken to tribunal for clearance by the Deshdrohiwriter-producer-actor Kamaal R. Khan.

Now coming to the actual plot of the film, Deshdrohi is a film about a man from Bihar who migrates to Mumbai where he gets involved in the battle to fight against anti-social elements. It’s about a common man’s attempt to free himself from all the hurdles created by politicians,etc.

Whatever the reason is, this movie is getting a lot of attention from the media.


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