Dirty Picture Review

As we are in December the whole world seems to be in a festive mood back again and it was 1200 hrs of Friday when my manager gave me good news (no, it was not relating to my year end appraisal process) he told me that he would be leaving early as he had to attend a family marriage. The news spread like virus and we all started planning for rest of the day.

After some good amount of discussion we finally planned to go for a movie in the evening then followed by dinner along with ultra mineral water.

We boys had only one option but don’t how to put it across the table. Thanks to bollywood there was no other big release apart from Dirty Picture. But believe me it took us a lot of hard work and politics to get proposal to watch dirty picture passed.

By the time we finally decided it was 1300 hrs and I came back to my workstation not to complete the work but rather to search for any one plus one offers or free combo offers while searching I came to know if I keep looking for vouchers / offers we would not be able to make it for show as the seats were filling fast.

In the evening when we reached the mall an hour early so that the girls can do some shopping (yes, this was the soap which we gave to girls so that we can watch the movie). I can see that all the shows were running house full for that day and only limited seats were available for the first half of Saturday. This gave me some sense that the movie was good and by the time I checked my facebook, it was all about the movie.

The movie is a life story of South Indian yester actress Silk Smita, how she conquered the southern film industry and later collapsed.

I would not like to comment on the acting skills of Naseer Saab and rest veteran actors, I am no one to judge them and for vidya atleast for this movie.

After Shoot out at Lokhandwala Tussar kapoor did a good job although he has a very limited presence in the movie. Last but not the least the kissing sensation Emraan Hashmi also did a commendable job and this time he only relied on his acting skills rather than his kissing skills.

The direction of Milan Luthria seems to be somewhat repeated, why because an idiot like me who has very less knowledge about direction can guess how the next scene would look like, I was expecting something different but nevertheless it was not bad either.

The songs were average but were pictorized well; out of all only one song at the end of the story seem to be deliberately placed in the script.

The technical department did a up to the mark job, the sets are shown like how madras used to look in the 80’s but to an extent they were looking like a made up sets not a real life sets. The side characters that were given a look of typical Madrasis were actually looking like artists of comedy cirus; they lack the seriousness which was demanded by the script.

After seeing the movie I felt very bad because I also belong to the cadre who misunderstood Silk Smitha as a B grade actress and never bothered how her real life would be like.

There were few dialogues which I could not recollect completely which require special mention, they were like “Jo Screen pe dikhta hai usme mazaa aata hai, lekin joh mehnat usko karne main lagti voh kisi ko nahi dikhta”

And another one “film ko chalane ke liye teen cheez chahiye entertainment, entertainment aur entertainment, main hu voh entertainment, entertainment aur entertainment”.

The last fifteen minutes of the movie when she was at a stage of collapse and her sad demise left me in a not so good mood.

After watching the movie I was rather sadden to know the actual picture of Silk rather than watching it as a movie for entertainment.

We came out with a mixed reactions some of us say it was good, some say it was a onetime watch but I was not able rate the movie because as I mentioned I believed her to be a B Grade actress and even dint know that Silk actually committed suicide to get out of the world where she was living.

After we were thru with dinner, I came back to home and did try to research on silk and came to know the story which was narrated in the movie was close to her real life.

Therefore I would not like to rate or give my interest – o – meter for this movie as a respect to Silk Smita.


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