Some More Nokia 5800 XM Applications

Here are some new applications for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phones.

Easy Reject

This application comes in handy when you want to reject some calls. This will put a busy tone to all the rejected numbers. And it also helps in keeping your messages private by storing them in a private box.


Cricket Widget

All cricket fanatics now have a tool to stick to the matches when they are not in front of TVs. This widget displays ball-by-ball update of the live matches. When matches are not being played, it shows latest news, upcoming matches and gallery.



Ever wanted to crop your favourite track right on your mobile phone to make it as ringtone? This application will help you strip favourite bit from a song and make it as a ringtone. It can even mix multiple tracks to create one ringtone.

The only drawback in this application is that it can’t mix tracks with variable bitrate, though it can edit tracks with Variable bitrate.



Are you a torrent freak and can’t just live without it? SymTorrent comes to your rescue here and turns your mobile into a torrent client. The application is extremely versatile with almost all the important features of an usual torrent client like hash-check, port, selecting which files to download, etc.



This application is just an advanced version of the inbuilt file manager. This has cut, copy and paste and several other features like custom search and support for pen key.


Best Screen Snap

This application just works like print screen key on your computer keyboard. It takes a snap of the window which you want to save and stores it in a folder specified by the user.


Mobile Paint

With this application, you can put your artistic streaks onto your s60 v5 screens. Let the artist in you rise!

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Download them all in one ZIP archive.

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