Nokia 5800 Applications & Games

In my last post, I covered the pros and cons of the iPhone killer – Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Here I introduce you with some highly useful applications.


SMS Timer

This handy application schedules your messages to be sent on a future date & time. Highly useful if you want to want to send Festival greetings, Birthday wishes, etc.

Many of my friends using this had a problem to first understand the functioning of the program. So here is how to do things with the application once installed.

Just check the settings in the SMS Timer window in the applications folder and see if its enabled. Now just type the messages as you do earlier and click on send. A popup will pop asking you to schedule it or send it immediately. So if you want to schedule it, use schedule now or if you want to send it immediately use the other option.


Wave Secure

Losing you phone can be really heavy on you, especially when it’s not a phone worth losing. Wave Secure comes to your rescue here. It remotely locks your phone, wipes out data and even tracks the recent activity on your device.


Smart Guard

Hiding your phone from your friends as you are afraid of getting your private photos, messages, etc being visible to your friends isn’t a practical solution. So to put a stop to this, Smart Guard gives you the freedom to hide few files from people. Don’t worry you can access the hidden files from the application interface by entering a password defined by you during start up.

You can also make the hidden files visible. The most interesting feature of this application is that it works in background and doesn’t even give a hint to people looking at your images directory that some files are hidden.


Mail for Exchange

With Mail for Exchange, fast accessing to your email anywhere, anytime; opening attachments on your handset is as simple as doing it on your PC! You can also sync your contacts, tasks and calendar to easily manage your work day and make the best of every precious minute!


Quick Office

With this application, you can easily open Microsoft Word, excel and Powerpoint files on your phone.

Please note that this application is not free and you can install this application by going to Menu > Download>Applications > S60 > Quick office to download.


Touch Card Match

The classic match and set the pace game with nice visual and audio effects. All you need to do is to tap the boxes and match the similar looking objects to score points.


Touch Manuever

In this game, your aim is to drag the bubble with your fingers or the stylus to the finish line with grazing the track.


Marble Maze

All you need to is to handle the ball by tilting the screen here and there and guiding the ball to the finish line avoiding the holes.


Touch Piano & Guitar

Ever wanted to play a guitar or a piano on your touch sensitive mobile device? Just add this to your list of games and go creating new tunes.

The only problem of the games is that you can’t save the tunes you make.

Download Touch Piano
Download Touch Guitar

Download all the applications in a ZIP archive

Have fun spicing up your mobile device with these applications and games!

You may also like to check some more Nokia 5800 applications here.

* All the applications tested by our member Wilfred

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  • Wilfred

    Applications works perfectly tested

  • Vamshi

    Hi ,
    I am holding Nokia 5800 Xpress and i had downloaded Smart gaurd entered Password everything is alla right but i am unable to use the application can any one help me out in how to use the application i cannot lock any file

  • Kaushik

    Great and thanks to you to easily download all games ans softwares. Thanks again

  • @Vamshi:

    To get the application work, Follow these instructions:

    • Click over Smart Guard in the applications menu.
    • Click over Licensed User
    • Enter your password in the dialog box
    • Click over Applications
    • Now click over Gallery (for example I want to hide an image),browse to the image
    • Click options
    • Select Hide
    • and you are done!
  • Gillani

    I have Nokia 5800 and i downloaded smart guard but it says that i can use this softwareonly in India region but i m in UAE. so plz tell me how can i use this here..

    • Anonymous

      you cannot use these applications in UAE
      kinldy go to for more info

  • Sumit


    Try changing your location to India and then install the application.

  • hn

    even if you hide the image via smartgaurd …. the image still shows up in the Gallery …only hidden from FIle Manager …. not usefull I say – atleast not for images and videos …. :(

    • gyanguru

      Try restarting your device after that. It works for me :)

  • Anonymous

    wht the heck ….smart guard am a despo for tht ..but i cant use it in uae i changed time zone still no use

  • Sumit

    @hn: Yes, I have faced this problem too, all you need to do is just to restart your mobile device. This should get the invisible files get hidden as per the SmartGuard Settings.

  • EmilinAlbs

    Anyone knows where to download free internet for nokia 5800??? I mean is that you dont have to pay for the connection…

  • Jas

    Thanks so much for organizing such amazing content all in one place! I’m in for the 5800 now.. just not sure about the camera reviews.. :)

  • raj

    i have installed the marble maze game application correctly..but the only problem is is not starting up..! can someone please help me out with this problem..? thnx

    • Rajat

      Try reinstalling the game.

    • hasan999

      you have to hack your phone first !

  • akeel

    when i put smartguard on my phone it says applications only works in indian region! i just got my phone yesterday so am guessing it has the latest firm ware on it

  • Uiwyeu

    How do I put it to my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music? :|

  • Saurabh

    I had downloaded and installed SmartGuard but it does not give me the option to hide and secure external memory files and folders. It does not let me browse the external memory data and can only secure Phone memory files.

    Any idea ??

  • khaled

    i downloded touch piano but when i played , the application delayed in obying my orders.
    i have another issue but it is not related to the application , so can you assist me with that. i downloded a conveter from net & the converter worked well but when i converted video from FLV format into MPEG4 format & apply the converted video in my phone by USB cable , it displayed for second & then stop running & go back to previous page. then i displayed the video again , it worked without stoping.

    • prasannapawar

      use nch software converter for better vidoe quality expierence
      find the prism video converter for the same in website
      enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • glenn andrews

    what a load of crap does any of these work

  • aleksandar

    Smart Guard works only for Indian region.
    Any solution?

  • drmahmoudkhalil

    Great thak for allefforts

  • azeemkhan

    Can anyone give me Smartguard file or any free software for Xm 5800 to hide my images and videos.

  • ramesh

    lamka labhu

  • jainish

    some application was nice and very helpful .

  • abdullahateeq

    ur website is gud.. but n which folder do we have to copth appss

    • You'll need to send the application files to you phone using bluetooth or use OVI Suite application installer directly from your pc and then install. These files when opened in your mobile will lead to installation, follow the onscreen procedure and your application will be installed!.

  • abdullahateeq

    ur website is gud.. but n which folder do we have to copth appss

  • You'll need to send the application files to you phone using bluetooth or use OVI Suite application installer directly from your pc and then install. These files when opened in your mobile will lead to installation, follow the onscreen procedure and your application will be installed!.

  • raman

    i want quik office software I am search more side But trial verson is there I am download the software and then install not work in praperly i want solution

  • I like all the applications….i have just bought 5800…


    can u send me full version of micropool……

    email id removed.