Hands-on experience of Nokia N97

I just came back after a brief live demo of the Nokia N97 and all I can say is that I am pretty excited for its release. Here are some pretty good things which I noticed in the device.


The speed is extremely good and the phone is just as smooth as your computer (a little bit of exaggeration here). You can work around with several applications without much of a problem. I did notice a slight delay in loading applications while multitasking.


The home screen widgets are definitely a good add-on to the device as it totally lets you perform all your day activities right on your home screen. They are customisable to a good extent. The standby screen had an iPhone like drag to unlock feature to it.


The devices comes with a 5 MP Carl Zeiss Camera and all I can say that it captures colours really well and works pretty decently in the low-light region. The water colour effect still persists and is noticeable to a larger extent in low-light photographs. I didn’t go in detail for the secondary camera but you can use that to take photographs too which was not possible with the first firmware of Nokia 5800. There’s also a life-saving slider protection for the main camera.

The video quality is good whereas the sound cracks up while shooting in noisy locations otherwise the audio quality has definitely been looked up by the Nokia experts.

QWERTY Keyboard

The most interesting factor of this device is its QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard will be a saviour for all those master racers with the usual keyboard but a snail with the mobile texting. The keys are neatly spaced and take very little time to get used to it.


I only had a glimpse of the battery of the device and all I can say is that it shows power. The battery is huge or rather very huge for a mobile device.


The very first thing you will notice when you experience this phone is that it’s heavy. The phone isn’t for those preferring small and sleek devices. On the other hand it isn’t as bulky as N95.

The tangling wire near the junction where the QWERTY meets the device does raise some concern and may warn you to use it carefully or you can have that tangling wire entangle your life.

The chrome border gives a much bolder appeal to the mobile phone.

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