Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Vidhi Vidhanam

The sound of chanting “Ganpati Bappa Morya” adds positive energy to the atmosphere and guesses what from tomorrow the celebrations of Ganesh chaturthi would begin and I am very much exited for the coming 11 days of the festival.

Every yea, I see my parents getting up early in the morning and starts decorating the home, ladies taking charge of the kitchen to make some beautiful delicacies which are favorites of Lord Ganesha. All these things are done to welcome our Lord Ganesha to our homes.

I live with my parents, so I am pretty much well versed with the traditions and procedures of Ganesh chaturthi pooja (Ganesh chaturthi vidhi vidhanam), but I find many of my friends struggling to perform for them and for fellow readers.

I am today herewith sharing you the procedures of performing Ganesh pooja on Ganesh chaturthi. To begin with no matter how you perform the Pooja, if you are doing it whole heartedly the blessings of lord ganesha would always be there.

To Start with we need:

  • A clay image of lord Ganesha (looks for images made with mud rather than plaster of paris, make pooja eco friendly).
  • Flowers (South Indians avoid using Marigold (Ganday ka phool) during poojas).
  • Partri (list of grasses and leaves which are used for performing pooja)
  • Sweets (Modak, laddu and Kudumulu (steamed jiggery filled laddus) are main sweets accompanied by other traiditional sweets)
  • Incense and perfume sticks (agarbathis, sambrani)

Needless to say, make the arrangements of flowers, parti and image of Lord Ganesha a day before, do not stretch yourself a day before. Wake up early with a fresh mind on next day, take bath, clean house. If you have water of Ganges (Ganga Jal), use the water to purify the surroundings.

Make some rangoli outside your main gate (it gives a welcome feeling). Decorate home with flowers and later follow the below steps to invoke Lord Ganesha into image (pran prathistha) and perform the rest of pooja as stated in below mentioned videos.

Telugu Language

Pooja Items

Pooja Vidhanam

Ganesh Pooja Katha (Story)

Telugu PDF Version | English PDF Version | Audio (Pooja) | Audio (Katha)

Marathi Language


While performing the Ganesh pooja at home you can deviate and become flexible on the procedure of performing the pooja the only thing that we need to keep in mind is that we should be serious, fresh mind and will to perform the pooja.