Generate ICICI Bank password online

Internet banking has become one of the most convenient ways to bank nowadays, take it from ordering a cheque book to ordering a demand draft, opening a recurring account to opening a fixed deposit everything is now done on a click of a button with the convenience of sitting at home or office, which in old days use to be a half day job.

But such a convenience comes has to come with a greater security and we all know when it comes to security in internet banking means a multi layered authentication and difficult to remember passwords and we all know it’s a nightmare come true when someone forgets his or her internet banking password.Not only it delays the time taken to complete the transaction but also one has to visit the branch or call their phone banking officer to re-issue the internet banking password. To our rescue ICICI has come up with an option to generate a new password online for its internet banking platform, this to me came like a Valentines Day gift from the bank.

Internet Banking password generation

Click on the link, it will take you to the password generation welcome screen. In this screen there are two main options:-

  • I have my user ID and I want my password: this option can be used when the user knows his or her Internet banking User ID and has forgotten his or her internet banking password.
  • I want my user ID and password: this option is useful for those who have completely forgotten their internet banking credentials.

So in case you know your internet banking ID but don’t know your internet banking password then under option one you have further two ways to get your new password one is offline and another in online.


To generate your password online click on option “I want to generate my password online” by doing this you would be taken to online password generation welcome screen.

Once you are there click “Click here to proceed”. Now there are three steps to generate password online

  1. Enter your user ID (please note your email ID and phone number should be registered with the bank otherwise the would not be able to deliver the unique code)
  2. On completing step one the bank would send a Unique ID number to your registered mobile and email ID, enter your unique ID on the screen and you are set to generate the new password in next screen.

In any case you have left the process of generation of password in middle, by clicking the option of “I have my unique number, I want to generate my password now” you can proceed further.


If you don’t have your mobile phone or email ID registered with the bank (it is recommended that you register your phone number and email ID with the bank to receive timely communication from bank in relation to your account, to do so please contact ICICI phone banking officer or walk in to any branch along with your ID proof fill) then you can opt for option two in which you will receive the password thru post (remember in case there is a mismatch between the address, please walk in to any ICICI branch along with a ID proof register your address change request, the bank would take 24 hours to update the records after which you can opt for this option). All you have to do is fill up the online form and request would be auctioned within 24 hours (postal delivery time would differ)

How to know your User ID?

Second case comes when you have completely forgotten your internet banking credentials for which call the 24 hour ICICI phone banking authenticate yourself by entering you 16 digit debit card number and debit card password and obtain your user ID by speaking with phone banking officer and follow the above mentioned steps for generate password online.

In case you are new to ICICI bank family, you might have received your internet banking User ID along with your welcome kit and a separate post containing password.

Last time we saw that ICICI bank has introduced an option to open a savings bank account online this time it is another great move by the bank to offer a greater customer service to its customers, hoping to more like these from bank.

  • Zeeshanhus

    I need small clarification Can I use virtual credit card for ICICI bank…..
    I tried but i didn`t get it can you please give me the link to create virtual credit card for ICICI bank…
    thanks you.

  • Siddharthgupta2010

    I have my login password but i forgot transaction password. How to generate it?

    • In order to generate your transaction password you have to give a call to the their customer care, I guess the number is 011 – 41718000 (Delhi) or else I would request you to please refer to their website or check on the backside of your credit / debit card for local number of their customer care

  • panni

    login to ur a/c and go to service request and there will be an option for instant generation of transaction password.