Getting PCTV to work with Windows SP2, Problems with NERO

Allright for those people who cannot get their PCTV to work with SP2, here’s the solution : –

1) If you have Nero 6 Installed you need to uninstall it. It causes problems with PCTV.. Or download an updated version I believe there is a patch available..

2) Then goto and download the file from there.

3) Extract all files to a folder and then go to Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager and then select the PCTV card.. It should show that it it is not properly installed and then click to update the drivers and then tell it to search into the folder where you extracted the above files. It should install the new drivers and now your PCTV should work fine

I have posted this because I couldn’t find this information anywhere on the internet. It just so happened that I was browsing the above ftp server and then I found this file by chance. Strange that Pinnacle didn’t even mention it anywhere that they had released a FIX for PCTV  Hope this helps somebody.