Ghajini Movie Review

Watching Aamir Khan perform in Ghajini was just like watching a juggler entertaining the audience.

Ghajini has blood, goriness, mettle and what not a romantic track to neutralize this high octane action thriller. Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan) is the chairman of Air Voice, a leading telecom company in the country who falls in love with a girl called Kalpana (Asin) after seeing her help the handicapped children cross an obstacle on road. Little did he knew that she was the one made for him and he will be in a situation pretending to be a struggling model to befriend her. In a series of events they both are attacked by the goons at her residence because of her act of saving girls from being trafficked to Goa.

The remains of that attack are nowhere to be seen but only Sanjay Singhania who now suffers from Short term memory loss stands alone to fight the evil goons to avenge his girl friend's murder. The rest is how he takes on the goons with his mental instability where Jiah Khan lends a helping hand.

I have watched the Telugu version of Ghajini and I personally didn't like it as it was plain and simple action film with very little thrill as I was able to predict the next scene easily. The Hindi remake has 75% of the scenes same Ghajini Logobut the narration is completely different or rather more sensible keeping the thrill factor up till the end. Many might be interested to know the climax of this film, don't worry I won't reveal it but I can assure you all that this one is completely different than the Telugu film and ends up in a good note rather than tragic end.

Aamir Khan as the Sanjay Singhania had to take care of two completely different shades and he proved that he is the perfectionist with his inimitable acting skills. Only Aamir Khan can manage to pull such a role and his dedication has paid off finally. Asin as Kalpana, the new face to the bollywood did an excellent job and this seems the reason why she was retained in the remake too. On the flip side, Jiah Khan as Sunita has to work on her acting. This is quite evident from the climax scene where she lies down on the road in a subconscious state but she felt to me as if she was sleeping there. Pradeep Rawat as Ghajini was good and did a commendable job. His slang language was good and the way he pronounced Short term memory loss was good.

Here is how my interest level was at various parts of the movie.

A. R. Murugadoss, Director of this film worked upon the flaws in his Telugu version and came up with a fine product this time. He didn't have much to change from the original one but increased the thrill meter a little higher.

Now coming to cinematography, Ravi K. Chandran needs no introduction. He has done extremely good job in presenting the darkness of the film as well as the love elements. The colours are brilliant and actually represent the tone of the scene.

A. R. Rahman's music received mixed response from the audience. I may be biased here but I personally liked few songs from the lot but I felt the same as many of you might be feeling that this isn't the Rahman album which we listen to regularly. And coming to his work in background score, He tweaks those little punch and metal sounds in such a way that they feel strong and much more fiercer that what they really are. All credits to him for making the action sequences appeal much better than what they would've been without those effective sounds.

Peter Hein and Stun Siva, both did a commendable job in action sequences. The rawness of the fights was maintained throughout the film.

I advice you not to take kids with you to the theatres as this isn't the type for them. I have personally seen a kid screaming just beside me in the theatre as there are few scenes which are extremely brutal which even some of the female audience may not take it.

On the whole, Ghajini has little humour, love and on the extreme front – full of bloodshed and violence. If you love soft and romantic films, then this isn't the type for you but in case you love action thrillers, then it's a must watch for you.

P.S.: If possible watch this movie in Dolby Digital equipped theatres as you will see the real magic of the background score. Do look out for the scene where Sanjay is told to come in an Auto to a market.

[rate 4]


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  • Mumbai

    I finally saw Ghajini yesterday. I didnt really like the movie, mainly because of the violence. I dont think Asin is suited for Hindi movies. She has that typical south indian habit of overacting and over emoting which is so typical of south Indian movies