Connect with friends on Google Latitude

Google added a little more flavour to its maps (mobile) application and named it as Google latitude. In new version of maps application there is an option to enroll into latitude now what is latitude let’s see.

Google says with latitude we can see friends where they are, can quickly connect with them using a voice call or a SMS not only on mobile you can see with the help of your computer or Google will send a screen shot mail of your friends location. Let’s peek in bit deeper.

Location sharing will only work when the other party accepts (friend) your invite via Gmail. Now we all know that privacy is a very important factor and so does Google, with this application you can set yourself in different modes like yahoo messenger. You can hide your location and turn off location monitoring.

With user friendly interface of the software we can use avatars or our own images and set our moods according to location.

I tried this application. One thing I have to say about it is latitude is a very powerful application and this really works in India. The maps are more detailed and accurate and I think they are mapping India more and more day by day.

To use this application you need to have an advanced mobile handset with GPRS/EDGE enabled in it. With the level of penetration of advanced handsets is less in Indian subcontinent and secondly while I was using this application I encountered annoying screen of weak signal many times.

And for PC you can share your location of computer/laptop for that you need to have I-Google gadget installed along with gears you can check step by step procedure on its official website.

P. S.: Please do not accept your wife’s invite on Google Latitude or else you are at your own risk.