Check out the new Google on SMS

Search Engine giant is now in your pocket. Nahh !! I am not kidding this is a new service which is being introduced by Google to every mobile user in the country. Yes not only for GPRS but for every mobile user.

We have already seen voting system thru SMS. With the introduction of this service you will be able to search thru SMS.

Let’s see how this service works.

Suppose let’s see how market is trading today. Just send a message to Google on by typing “BSE sensex”. It will take a minute or two to receive a reply.

And the reply would be BSESN (BSE SENSEX) 8405.39 (-368.39/ -4.20%) 20 Nov 1: 38pm IST BSE DL 10min.

Now let’s check whether it can help in your exam (if somehow you are able to manage to get your cell along with you).

And you have a question asking you about the GPD rate of India. Just send a message as “GDP India”

And the reply would be “GDP: $4.156 trillion (2006 EST.) (Purchasing power parity) ”

Now let’s test it differently. Suppose your Dadu wants to visit Madurai Meenakshi Devi temple and you want look for schedules for trains from Bangalore to Chennai. Just send a message by typing “Bangalore to Chennai”

And reply would be like this

Indian Railways:
1. 2008 – SHATABDI EXP
2. 2028 – SHATABDI EXP
4. 2509 – GUWAHATI EXP
5. 2608 – LALBAGH EXP
8. 2658 – CHENNAI MAIL
Send 1 to 9 for train schedule

To check details. Reply to the message “1” for SHATABDI EXP and reply is.

Indian Railways: Train: 2008 SHATABDI EXP, Station: Bangalore Cy Jn Departure time: 16: 25 Day 1 Station: Chennai Central, Arrival time: 21: 35 Day 1, Runs on: Mon Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun.

Now enough of testing, we know that is a great service that is being offered by Google. Some of the problems which I faced while using the service were

  • Looking for flight options to cities
  • Local listing is a building process you need to have some patience to get a bunch of listings in your nearby.
  • The number used by Google is bit long ( 9-77-33-00000) which is a bit difficult to memorize unlike the other five digit numbers.

Although Google has tried to make it simple and it is now expecting the users to be specific while doing their searches and I really appreciate this type of search.

On the whole this is a great service to offer and avail. These types of things are really useful especially when you are new to location.

All the above are my personal opinions. Hence the accuracy of the results may be different for others and secondly the above mentioned examples are just for reference. This service is meant for a constructive use.

  • Anonymous

    Long number is cheaper to use than the short number. Its costs as much as any other SMS, whereas short code costs around 3 Rs. per SMS.