Happy New Year !!!!

Finally today we have reached to the end of the year 2011; the clock says that we are few hours away from entering into 2012.

Before entering into 2012, I would like to thank year 2011 for its offerings whether it was Anna on streets struggling to get a corruption free India to the protest in Egypt and other gulf countries fighting for their democratic rights.

Many natural calamities like Tsunami in Japan to earth quakes in major regions of the world to various in human activities round the globe trying to dent the morale.

We witnessed one of the wonders of the space which may be our next two generations might miss them to the royal wedding in UK

The financial markets seems in no mood to recovery but we were still doing our business in hope that everything is alright.

There were moments to cherish and also of pain but we grew on them and are now standing on the last step of 2011 with enough strength to conquer the year coming ahead of us.

I as a family member of the earth feel proud to be a part of it, and with the year passing by I feel more responsible day by day.

Try not to harm the earth in 2012, Respect others, if you are in a position do help other, work harder and enjoy the life to the fullest.

At the end I would thank the family members of Gyanguru who were and are with us since its inception and are growing day by day. I still remember the day we started from two to a strong 50K plus members.

I along with the rest of the family members wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year 2012.