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V. B. Rao Chagarlamudi (11$)
Arun P. (10$)
Naveen D. (10$)
Manoj Yamani (10$)
Swaroop Nandi (10$)
Sai Sathish N. (7$)
Venkata Srikanth Kondeti (6$)
Achyuthanand K. (5$)
Balasubrahmanyam J. (5$)
Gerbichoo (5$)
Meraj Asif (5$)
Naveen (5$)
Raghu (5$)
Ramakrishna K (5$)
Sreenivasa(Srivarey) (5$)
Suresh (5$)
Brahma Naidu (2$)
Brahma Naidu (2$)
Vijay Kumar (1.95$)
Shailesh Thakur (1$)
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