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Downloading stuff from Gyanguru is the easiest of all. All you need to do is to login to your account which will enable you to view the hidden content. Then select any one link from the given 5 links for each item. 5 links are just the mirror link for the stuff you are downloading. All our files we share are hosted on 5 free servers. since they enforce restrictions on downloads we provide 5 mirror links so that you can easily download from another server if one is down or has some restrictions placed.

How to download files from various servers Click to Find our more about Interactive Tutorials :

Click over the desired free file hosting service name to see its interactive download tutorial.


Registration in Gyanguru is quick and easy and takes only a minute to complete the process. All you need to do is to register in the site. Once you are done, giving username and your email address you will receive a mail from us with your password. Check both your inbox and bulk folder for the mail. Simply copy the password and login using the login box on the right side of the page. Once you are logged in to your account click over ‘profile’ and scroll to the bottom of the page where you would be able to see Update password field. Enter your new password there and click on ‘Update user’. That’s it, you are now registered on our site and can now login with the password you set in your profile.

Hidden content can only be viewed if you are logged in.

Click to view our Interactive tutorial on RegisterClick to Find our more about Interactive Tutorials New Feature on Gyanguru


"This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota!" Error

Incase you receive such message while browsing the website. Please visit the site after few minutes. The error may occur due to heavy load on the server.


This is one of the features of the site which is frequently used. So its really important to be aware of its functioning. Now if you want to search for a specific term, Say “Shakalaka Boom Boom”. Just enter this and hit search. You will be listed out with the entries of our site which relates to the searched term. The thing is search only shows 1 Result per page so you might be getting confused that everytime you search you get only one entry listed. Now to jump off to the second entry for the search term scroll to the end of the entry and you can see “Previous Entries”. Click over it and you are there with another entry which relates to the searched term. The more you see that text below the entries. The more the results are there. Sometimes you might not see that text written. That means that there is no more entries which relates to your search term.

Click to view our Interactive tutorial on using SearchClick to Find our more about Interactive Tutorials New Feature on Gyanguru



The next feature of Gyanguru is to make you able to post your views and thoughts over a specific entry. To be able to make your comment you need to be logged in and thats all it need to share your views with others!. We have been always working over various ways to fight spam in Gyanguru. To Prevent Spam in Gyanguru we have kept the comments to be moderated by our staff before it is visible to everyone around. we really apologize for this inconvenience but yet we request you to co-operate with us.

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Comments Gyanguru


This feature is self-explanatory. Just click over a specific category link to get the list of entries in that category. Again only one entry is visible in one page. You need to click over”Previous entries” to proceed further with other posts.


Archives can be found here which lists all the posts/entries from the day Gyanguru started. You can easily navigate through months to find all the entries of a month. This shows the headlines of all the entries in Gyanguru till date.


Live TV!

We bring you this feature to give you free access many TV channels and Radio Stations.This feature is still under Beta stage so we apologize for any inconveniences. All you need to play your favourite TV channel is to select the channel or radio station from the dropdown menu there and click on “Play this channel”. Once you click over it your channel will be loaded on to the Now playing Player. To view it on Full screen right click over the player and select Zoom and then select Full screen. We would be adding more and more channels frequently so do check the list regularly.

Image Opener

Just a small click on the thumbnail and its visible infront of you in the page you are browsing. This is how our image opener works. This has been implemented to cut-out your time opening the image in another browser. Click over the thumbnail will open up the image there itself. Sometimes the image size is quite big and it may cover your screen too. You need to do is to scroll down and you will find CLOSE button. Click over it and you will find it vanished and back to the page you were browsing.

Share your stuff with us

If you want to share your stuff with us all you need to do is to send us an email containing your username. That’s it, then we will make sure you can post in the site as soon as possible. To check whether you can post or not simply go to your profile and check whether the option “Write” is there or not. If it is then you are all set to share your stuff with our members. Our Email address can be found below.

Interactive Tutorials :

Gyanguru has now introduced a new feature to help all newly registered members understand the functioning of site. Interactive tutorials are interactive step-wise guide to help you more efficiently. Interactive tutorials are more convenient than text tutorials.

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