Heroes Movie Review

Heroes movie review

After a series of disasters, Samir Karnik arrives with a freshly baked patriotic film ‘Heroes’ which guarantees a new frame of reference to the patriotism topic.

Ali Shah (Vatsal Seth) and Sameer (Sohail Khan) are two typical urban youngsters pursuing their graduation in a film school. With their extremely low attendance and grades, they are given a last chance to be graduates and that is to make a documentary film. They decide to make a film ‘Why not to join Bharat Army’ and goes on the journey to deliver three letters written by the martyrs during their last moments in the Kargil war. The rest follows how this journey changes their perception about army.

The film has three episodes depicting how the family reacts on someone from their family joins the army. The episodes are of Balkar Singh (Salman Khan) in Punjab, Dhananjay Shergill (Bobby Deol) in Himachal Pradesh and Sahil Naqvi (Dino Morea) in Leh.

The first two episodes are dealt excellently but Samir Karnik loses on the later part of the Shergill episode and the Sahil Naqvi episode entirely. The movie proceeds like a snail in the second half leaving you with yawns.

Both Salman Khan (Balkar Singh) and Preity Zinta (Kuljeet Kaur) did a wonderful job in presenting the first episode. Sunny Deol as Vikram (brother of Dhananjay) was perfect. Sunny’s fight scene didn’t make an impact but is surely a treat for his fans. Mithun Chakraborty as Dr. Naqvi had a weak episode in hand but he made his best efforts to save this dead-slow episode. Amrita Arora and Riya Sen were hardly seen. Dino Morea and Bobby deol were good in their respective roles. Sohail Khan as Sameer alias Saand was perfect and his comic timings is getting good day by day. Vatsal Seth as Ali alias Nawaab Saab suits the role well.

The days have gone when unknown faces were left without even commenting on their performances. Take any movie right from south Indian to our very own bollywood unknown faces make their work noticeable and we simply can’t avoid commenting on them. Heroes too boast a set of deserving unknown faces.

Director, Samir Karnik did a commendable job. His earlier films surely questioned his potential but this clears the air that he isn’t a bad director. He takes you into the world of the families and delivers what it should with ease. But he totally missed out on the second half with several draggy scenes.

Music by Sajid-Wajid and Monty Sharma is just passable. On the other hand, background score was brilliant and suits the stature of the film. Cinematography by Binod Pradhan and Gopal Shah is top notch with larger than life shots. Editing is adequate.

Samir Karnik has selected a brilliant topic i.e., patriotism. If dealt well patriotism subject can easily attract people and fill producers’ pockets. He had surely put a lot of effort in making this film and he should surely be given many such chances. He has the potential to extract what he really wants from his cast and crew.

At the end of day, Heroes is an honest attempt towards patriotism. This movie would’ve been a milestone in Samir Karnik’s career only if he had handled the second half as neatly as he did with the first half. Go watch this if you have love for patriotic films and can face snail-like second half.

[rate 2.5]


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