My experience of dining at Hilton Garden Inn, Saket

Last week I got a chance to visit and taste the delicacies which were on offer at India Grill restaurant by Hilton Garden Inn at Saket (DLF Place Mall). I along with one of my friend were searching for a good place to dine in South Delhi and were amazed to find that we tried almost every place in South Delhi with no good results; the only option we were left with was the Food Court of DLF Mall Saket.

As we were almost there, we saw the red attractive INDIA GRILL logo towards our left, changed our minds and moved towards the India Grill Restaurant at Hilton Garden Inn.

 Hilton Garden Inn, Saket


The restaurant had casual attire and did not have a WOW ambience whatsoever, but nevertheless I was very hungry and did not bother much about how the ambience was. If you are particular about this, do make a note of this.

Staff behaviour and Serving time

The staff at the restaurant were very polite and welcoming to the guests but there was a considerable delay in serving dishes at the table.

The real thing – FOOD

Finally, lets come to the main thing – THE FOOD, I would not comment much on the taste of the food because I found it a normal affair, no specialties and no out of the world experience. I would suggest going for it only if you have no option left nearby (like in our case).

The best part is I found the drinks were considerably inexpensive as compared to other restaurants plus there is a happy hour of 1+1 on beer, I enquired about the timing of the happy hours and came to know that at present every hour for them was a happy hour.

What was on our menu

The buffet consists of dishes ranging from Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine, out and out I guess there were 18 dishes to savour spread across the above mentioned three cuisines plus there were eight sweet dishes which excludes ice cream (although it is included, but the guests have to ask for it) and in starters they have two types of tikkas (one vegetarian and one non – vegetarian). Not too bad for on offer for Rs. 1650.


The price of buffet dinner we had was Rs. 1299 plus taxes (which would comes to a total of Rs 1650).

After completing our dinner we were given with a member ship enrollment form which I completed and handed it to the representative. Next day in the afternoon I got a call from them but was not able to attend it, so they sent me an email stating the benefits of the programme which are as follows.

Hilton Garden Inn Premium Club Box cover Hilton Garden Inn Premium Club CouponsHilton Garden Inn Premium Club CardHilton Garden Inn Premium Club CouponsComplimentary Certificates with membership

Summary of benefits of Hilton premium club membership

The membership was offered to me at Rs. 6000 plus taxes (which would approximately come around Rs. 6620 inclusive of all taxes).

I found it bit economical, the reason being few days ago I was dining at Vedas (at DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj), we were three people and ordered a meal for three (a-la-carte) plus around 12 pint beers and got a bill of whopping eight thousand rupees. Had it been the case of India Grill, I would have saved myself from shelling 8000 bucks.

If any one of you are interested, their guest / members help desk can be reached at 011 – 4513 9933 or can reach via email at Hilton Premium Club – Hilton Garden Inn / Saket [gardeninnsaket (at) hiltonpremiumclub (dot) in]

Directions to Hilton Garden Inn, Saket