Tips to safeguard your mobile phone

Now, mobile phones have become a part of our life and are one of the most desirable gadgets over the last few years especially amongst younger generations. The result is increasing number of mobile thefts and related crimes. There are even instances where stolen mobile phones were used for anti-social activities. Such issues only arise due to lack of proper guidance among users to keep their gadgets safe.

How to safeguard your mobile phone

  • While in public, avoid displaying your phone publically or can set your phone in vibration mode to avoid attention in public.
  • Many commuters who use public transport use their phones at train stations or bus stops – thieves know this, So if you are using your mobile phones be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be in a position where you can ask for help easily.
  • Keep a record of your IMEI number which can be found on the face of the mobile phone packing box or you can also find it by pressing *#06# on your mobile and make a note of it.
  • Make a note of the Pins and other security lock codes and keep them somewhere safe.
  • Use ultra violet property marker. write your address or other telephone number on the back side of the battery.
  • Register your phone with service providers and phone manufacturers. In case such type of incident happens with your in that case first call your service provider to block your SIM and then lodge a complaint with your nearest police station along with your IMEI number. Mobile phone manufacturers do not play any role in lost or stolen mobile cases.
  • You can use third party mobile tracking softwares like Wave Secure.
  • If you are using Nokia multimedia enabled phones, try contacting Nokia for Remote Lock Settings in the phone.

Its always better to get your phone insured at the time of purchase as even after taking care of all the important point stated above, the phone may not be recovered and you may be off with a loss.

Recent reports clearly indicate the rising number of mobile related crimes and its always better to take care of your belongings yourself rather than running here and there for help.


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