How to Enroll for UIDAI Aadhaar card? (Complete guide)

Aadhaar the brand name for Unique Identification number (UID) which at present is administered by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). In the recent past we have seen in media that people are facing problems while enrolling themselves into Aadhaar program.

Few days ago our area post man delivered my Aadhaar card, so I thought; I should share what are the steps I took while enrolling my self, due to which I got my unique identification number or aadhaar card well before the completion of 60 days. Rather than giving in bullet points I am trying to put it in a story format.

It was the end of November (Salaried people normally remember these days) every one staying nearby us was enrolling themselves for the program. I thought may be government might be providing free cup cakes on every successful enrollment.

I asked one of my friend

Me: why there is hurry all over for the enrollment is there is a deadline for it or what?
Friend: There is a huge rush at all enrollment centers, it is no more few hours job, people are taking a day off to complete this task.
Friend: Boss this is going to be like social security number for us in future.
Me (Annoyed): This is something which I don’t like; yes this can be one of the identity proof accepted widely but this cannot act as an social security number.
Friend: Ok, but you don’t know how the government would behave in future
Me: Not possible, this has a provision to enroll homeless and migrants, do you think it can become our Social Security number.
Friend: Let’s see, at least enroll yourself, it free of cost.
Me: Ha Ha Ha. You said there is rush all over, is there is any short cut method to speed up my enrollment process.
Friend: Wake up early and get in line, because in the morning people who go to work try to finish it whereas aunties, didi’s, and sisters occupy the counters for rest of the day.
Me: It would take me ages to enroll then.
Friend: Do one thing logon to their website and look for the enrollment centers which are newly opened and go there for enrollment, as there is no advertisement in news papers or televisions, the news of the centers spread through word of mouth.
Me: that’s a good idea.

After that I went online to check the latest additions of the enrollment centers and Woolah I found one nearby my area. The best thing i did, I convinced my whole family for enrollment on one day, rather than as per their convenience. We all were there by Nine in the morning and were bit surprised to find the center empty, there were three computers (enrolling stations) as they were free so we occupied all of them.

One has to fill the Aadhaar form before enrolling; the form can be downloaded from aadhaar website or can be obtained from there itself. I was quite skeptical on the time it would take to enroll; therefore I downloaded the form and filled it at home so that we could save some time there.

The documentation includes

Duly Filled aadhaar form

Make sure the form does not have any cuts and try to keep your handwriting clear otherwise it would be bit difficult for the enroller to read and punch the details in system.

One identity proof

Passport, PAN Card, Ration/ PDS Photo Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Government Photo ID Cards, NREGS Job Card, Photo ID issued by Recognized Educational Institution, Arms License, Photo Bank ATM Card, Photo Credit Card, Pensioner Photo Card, Freedom Fighter Photo Card, Kissan Photo Passbook, CGHS / ECHS Photo Card, Address Card having Name and Photo issued by Department of Posts, Certificate of Identify having photo issued by Group a Gazette Officer on letterhead

Any one of the above document would suffice, documents without photos will not be accepted. Older photos are acceptable.

One address proof

Passport, Bank Statement/ Passbook, Post Office Account Statement/Passbook, Ration Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Government Photo ID cards, Electricity Bill, Water bill, Telephone Land line Bill, Property Tax Receipt, Credit Card Statement, Insurance Policy, Signed Letter having Photo from Bank on letterhead, Signed Letter having Photo issued by registered Company on letterhead, Signed Letter having Photo issued by Recognized Educational Instruction on letterhead, NREGS Job Card, Arms License, Pensioner Card, Freedom Fighter Card, Kissan Passbook, CGHS / ECHS Card, Certificate of Address having photo issued by MP or MLA or Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead, Certificate of Address issued by Village Panchayat head or its equivalent authority (for rural areas), Income Tax Assessment Order, Vehicle Registration Certificate, Registered Sale / Lease / Rent Agreement, Address Card having Photo issued by Department of Posts, Caste and domicile certificate with photo, issued by the state government.

If you are producing any bill or a letter as proof of address then they should not be older than three months.

For date of birth

Birth Certificate, SSLC Book/Certificate, Passport, Certificate of Date of Birth issued by Group “A” Gazetted Officer on letterhead

If the person produces above mentioned proof of birth documents then the in adhaar card, under the date of birth column it would appear as verified or else it would come as declared or if he or she does not any of the documents then they can opt for introducer system which I am not quite sure of, I would request those who are looking to opt for introducer system please contact their official representative.

After producing the documents the enrollment agency representative would start the enrolling process by taking your photo, then your finger prints (first four fingers (excluding thumbs) of each hand then followed by thumb impression for both hands at one go) and retina scan.

Upon completion the representative would start punching the data from enrollment form and would also verify the documents attached.

This part is very crucial, the representative would ask you again and again to recheck the inputs (those who have difficulty in reading the local language of the state are requested to take the help of fellow citizens or can ask the representative to help on same).

Once the form is completed the representative would lock the form by placing his thumb on the reader after which acknowledgement forms like below would be printed.

The representative would ask you to sign the one copy of the document, at this point of you still have time to look for any errors which may have crept during filling the form. After signing, one copy would be given to you another copy would stay with the agency.

If you look at the form it states people still have time (48 hours) to look into form and can raise the issue with the authority in case of any discrepancy.

It takes normally 60 to 90 days for real adhaar card to be delivered at your doorstep, by looking at the news paper reports the post office has only 2 MBPS line due to which they are printing the adhaar cards below their capacity, hoping that the situation would improve in future. The below is how the adhaar card looks like


  • In a family plan for enrollment all at once, it saves a lot of time.
  • Plan for early hours of the day, the enrollments stations would normally be free.
  • There is an option at the time of enrolling to link your family members, please use the option.
  • Minors’ card would be attached to their parents.
  • It’s your wish to link you bank account with the card, if you do so it would be better to disburse any grant by the Government in the future.
  • If you don’t have any bank account, please convey your wish to open the bank account he or she would help you in this regard.
  • Always ask for help in case you face any difficulty in reading the local language of the state (they use Google translator to input the data in local language).
  • Always rely on official sources the details can be obtained from adhaar’s official website.
  • Do not pay any of money to touts it is absolutely free of charge (also Governments are advertising this day in and out).
  • Link for aadhaar centers: Click Here
  • Delhi residents can book their appointment online by clicking her


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    Let a Law be made so that any data collected for this purpose can be used only by the government for only the purpose for it needs to be utilized and no other purpose and let any person or entity transferring this data to any other person or entity be strictly punished for it, otherwise let this scheme be discarded forever.