How to create multi-page scans using HP Solution Center

Getting a multi-page file using your HP flatbed scanner can be quite tricky as there isn’t much documentation available around. Though the solution is simple, I wonder why its documentation is hard to find and on the other hand, tutorials on multi-page scans using copier are in abundance everywhere.

Follow these instructions to make yourself a multi-page file:

  1. Open HP Solution Center
  2. Click over Scan Document
  3. Select Scan Document Menu (This can be anything until you get the next window where you can add more scans).
  4. Now wait for the scanner to show you a preview of the scanned document in the flatbed. Once done, simply click over Add Page(s) to add more scans.
  5. Once completed, click Finish
  6. You’re done!

All the added pages will compile into single file.

Here are some helpful screen captures taken during this tutorial:

Scan MenuAdd Pages Menu