How to apply for PAN Card

Its been a long time since I was thinking of applying for a PAN card. One of my friend suggested me the online way to be faster than the hard-form way but believe me its just in filling the form and nothing else. Its as difficult as climbing the K2.

I am here to share my experience with all of you and will try my best to help those who are willing to apply for a PAN card.

Ok, so its an online form and shoudn’t take more than 15 minutes to fill. But wait, each field is a puzzle in itself!

Day One: Evening 2000 hours

Step One: Did Google search “PAN Card”

Step Two: Clicked on PAN Card Application Link.

Step Three: Clicked on “New PAN” (Note if you have popup blocker, you will not be able to see the new page)

Step Four: Clicked on “Online Application for New PAN (Form 49A)”.

Step Five: Read the instructions and selected the “individual” option (at the end of the page).

Step Six: Was blank for few minutes, later saw some fields where I thought I would be able to fill them, this was the same experience as I felt writing my physics board examination, don’t know where to start.

Step Seven: Filled in the form with the personal details and clicked submit, but couldn’t proceed further as I needed AO code and range code, I clicked over a link there which said something about AO code and range code,

Step Eight: Was blank for few more minutes, this is the same experience when I was writing my Math’s board examination really don’t know what to write, not even a single tukka would have fit in the blanks.

Step Nine: Called my friend and we a had a mini-mahabharata, finally he agreed to help me out with all this.Closed all tabs and queued up "Stay The Night" by James Blunt in the media player.Peace.

Day Two: Afternoon 0100 hours (Session one)

Ironically, even my friend had no clue about the form, he heard this from someone else and we had no other option than to search in Google again, it was a sea full of water which was not fit for drinking. We were not able to collate any thing which would help us to fill the form.

Suddenly the fused starter in my mind started working and gave me an idea to call the Ayakar sampark Kendra (ASK) at 124-2438000. They were very polite and gave me the number of the nearest officer who would help me out with the details required.

I rang him up (you have to try few times) and got the information required.

Day Two: Evening 2000 hours (Session Two)

Step One:Filled the form again as Day one, also filled in the additional details and submitted the form

Step Two: I had opted for Credit card as my mode of payment so it took me the payment gateway and after succesful transaction landed me into the acknowledgement page (this is to be printed).

*Caution: This page will appear only once and you have to be very careful and take several backup copies if you want because you’ll never see this page again.

Step Three: Took print out, affixed clear photograph and signed within the boxes provided.

Step Four: Got the envelope ready with the application number mentioned on the top followed by the address to Income Tax PAN Services Unit, National Securities Depository Limited, 3 rd floor, Sapphire Chambers, Near Baner Telephone Exchange, Baner, Pune – 411045

Step Five: Sent my application thru Speed Post next day.

Lessons learnt

  • Filling the Representative assessee section is not necessary, if you are providing the details of same then the PAN card will be mailed to his or her address.
  • AO code / type / Range number are mandatory which can be obtained by contacting the ASK help line
  • Options like Ward / Circle / Range / Commissioner are not mandatory.
  • If you opting for credit card as a form of payment then it is ok, or else you need to have the DD number or cheque number ready at the time of filling the form.
  • The form has to reach the destination within 15 days of submission.

Shortcut 1: If any one of your family member already has a PAN card and is in the same profession then you can use this link and can use those details (Not recommended).

Shortcut 2: There is another presentation by IT department, you can check that but before that you need to check between the browsers in order to see the form completely.

After few days the status was updated stating they have received the application form and will process the form accordingly. And after few more days I have received an Email stating deficiencies in the application.

Final Conclusion

  • Never act smart! the details which are mentioned on your ID and address proof has to be same in the application form, If you have initials fill in the same way as they are in the documents. Like, if it is "A Subramaniam Sundaram" , keep it that way, don’t expand the initial A
  • The bank pass book should contain the transactions copy as well else it would be termed as an incomplete document
  • The identification proof and address which you have mentioned while applying the PAN has to be same or else they will not consider the other documents submitted.

On the whole it was a painstaking task but was smooth after rectifying all the discrepancies. I was able to get my PAN card within 20 days.

And If you don’t want to get into these things then contact your payrolls department, they might be having the number of the agent who would help you in getting the PAN card, you can search over internet or even look for posters around the city, you will get contact no. of hundreds of PAN card agents.