How to backup your contacts on mobile

There are times when you are totally numb after losing 100s of contacts right away just because of a small firmware upgrade or some error. This problem is no more a problem now as all you need to do is to sync your contacts with an online website called Zyb (Owned by Vodafone).

Let’s get started and get the first online backup of your mobile device.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up and follow the on-screen instructions
  3. Once completed, you will receive a message from ZYB with the configuration settings
  4. Click Options and then Save .
  5. Now go to Menu , then Settings .
  6. Select Connectivity , then Data transfer .
  7. Select Server synchronisation and press Yes to start sync (Make sure the Sync profile is selected as ZYB).
  8. If your mobile asks you which data to sync please select Contacts and Calendar and press Done when you have marked the data you wish to sync.

Ok let’s get to know, how to get the contacts back from the server to your empty contact list (assuming your contacts are lost and you were syncing the phone regularly). Follow the same procedure from points 5 to 8 and you’re done with getting your contacts back into the phone directory.

And you can do a bunch load of other activities using Zyb. And what’s the advantage of Zyb over its competitors is that it sends you periodic reminders through emails to sync your phone.

Play safe and start syncing your phone regularly to avoid stressful days of contacts recovery.


  • its good one to all the phone backups