How to cut down your credit card bills

Talk about turning up the heat: Business Insider reported recently about American Express ( Credit Cards Giant in US ) suing Grammy-winning rapper Nelly for not paying more than $20,000 worth of debt on his credit cards .


If they’ll go after a guy like Nelly, best known for his 2002 hit “Getting Hot in Herre,” what would they do to the rest of us?

Unfortunately, if this past holiday season’s shopping numbers are any indication, some of us might find out pretty quick.

Credit Cards Management

In a reversal from last year, American consumers weren’t afraid to whip out their cards by year’s end — and the Huffington Post says credit-card use is still on the rise.

While that seems to indicate increased consumer confidence (which is good for the overall economy), it also means that credit counseling organizations could soon be doing a brisk business.

That’s not necessarily something to get in a sweat over, though.

Lots of these agencies — many of which are nonprofits — can help you get your budget back on track. They can lay out some options that’ll work for you, and help you work off that debt burden.

Umm … and if you think of it, you might pass along their contact info to Nelly, too.