How to earn money from website

After the invention of search engine – giant Google, many of the small publishers have become somewhat rich and this trend has spread not only to the urban areas but also to the rural areas of the country. Now, everyone wants to start a website. This is the root cause for increase in the volume of domain registries. The only fact remains that how to start a website to gain some professional skills or to make some bucks from it to cover personal expenses. Well, I have been through this scenario many a times and this is the time to put a full stop to the situation. In this communication, I would like to share my experiences to start a website.

Firstly, everyone should know the web definition of a ‘Website’ It is a collection of files that are arranged on the World Wide Web under a common address and allows retrieval via a browser any one in this world can have a website to express his or her point of view or just to display the catalogue that one might be having or just start a online bazaar once you are on net you are in a different virtual world Here you can do shopping, play games, chat with friends and even do some business transactions.

Let’s get started to make a successful website. If you are good with pen, then just start a blog. It may be a personal blog dealing with your day-to-day life and if you want to start a professional blog then include articles pertaining to the public/society, a small scale artisan/unit or you can display your catalogues and promotional activities to get some business out of net.

The most essential thing to start a website is the ‘domain’. Domain is a central office in real terms and an actual virtual address given to your website. Everyone who wants to visit your website has to type the domain address on address bar of their browser. This is not restricted or confined to number like we have for our homes. Here you can pick your own and try to make it short and easy to understand and try avoiding symbols in URLs. There are many options to choose like .com, org,, biz and so on. Most the domains are in .com formation and if you don’t get them in .com, then try alternative domain addresses. Preferably opt for domains which are related to the subject of your website. If you are starting a commercial website then go for .com domain or if its an organisation then go for .org.

Second thing is a good host. A host provider is a person or company who/which provides a virtual space over the internet to host your websites. One thing to be noted is search before you buy a hosting space from anyone. You have to be very particular and aware of the asterisk (* – usually conditions) while entering into a contract with the provider otherwise a big sum of money will go into drains and never go with the word ‘unlimited’ because there’s no word called unlimited in hosting. Although some provide attractive unlimited offers which are intended to make your life miserable with several CPU limits in place, a poor support and hacking prone server.

Once you are set with your address and domain, you need to have a knowledge of at least some of the basic languages like HTML, PHP, ASP and java, Don’t get panic if you don’t have knowledge of any of these. Internet will help you out from this situation. It’s the same situation like when you are in your first day of your office. Everything that is said to be done by you will just fly above your head after some time every thing will settle down.

If you are puzzled by the complex structure of the programming languages, then there are many pre-made scripts to your rescue which comes with a wide range of tools and installation documents to run a website.

The third thing is to search for the advertiser who is interested in the content of your site. What my suggestion is go for the big giants like ‘ad sense’, ‘yahoo publisher program’. They provide central solution like providing advertisers and even take care of all your billing needs. It’s just like waiting for the month end to get the cheque of the money you earned.

If you are a good writer and know how to write things, then they go for free blog hosting sites like blogger, wordpress, live journal and many more. They offer free hosting solutions and allow advertiser to place ads even on free hosted blogs

Important point to remember here is that search engine will not index your page once you write anything. It takes hell of time for people only to get it indexed and get a good rating. They have several parameters to look for in order to maintain their index (quality and quantity) and refrain from cut copy methods they have spam filters on place and will just de-list your page from index if not then will place somewhere at the end of the search term. If you have a quality content then ignore above lines but make sure to protect your content from getting plagiarized. This is one of the biggest problems that every quality content writer is facing. Keep an eye on such content thieves using content protect sites. These sites will update you with the sites that are copying your content.

Making website does not mean making money. You need to have visitors who have interest in the content which you offer and your fame in the global internet. Global internet fame gets only when you publicize about your content and that includes word of mouth publicity, advertisements, online classifieds and many more. Be economical, grasp as much knowledge as you can from net, before going for an online paid ad. Be specific – while choosing a channel – as you might be having a sect of visitors. Oh, I forgot, try to make a specific website and don’t try to include everything under one roof. Even though, if you are interested to make a website of multiple topics, and have a group of like-minded people who have the requisite knowledge in websites, then go ahead. If you are managing the website individually, then I suggest, not entangling various subjects into the website.

Once you have a good domain, host, content, ads and good visitors in place, it means you are directly into business. Additionally, while you are on net, you will come across many unfair means of making money. Simply refrain yourself even if they look lucrative. Please remember my words “When you are working, you are with single mind no matter how much smart you are but once they work they have hundreds of smart people to nail you down”

I think, I have covered all the points to start a website and make some economics out of it. People who are already into this business, please share your inputs with us by commenting as anything in this world is not hundred percent.

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